The Rednecks are Coming!

May 26, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – As these things go, the WashPost’s recent fright-wig piece [see, Kevin Sullivan, Patriots at the gate: The Americans preparing for battle against their own government , May 16, 2016, Washington Post] on the rise of MilitiaNation [our term, not theirs] starts out in a far more nuanced manner than is the norm with this kind of journo.

Actually, upon previewing the short video which prefaces the text, most citizens will find little that is alarming, excepting those numbered among the anti-Second crowd [and its DC/I95 based sycophants, some of whom feign “conservatism” – the “never Trump” asshats] to whom even the concept of forcibly resisting the establishment of a police state in any manner or form is heretical.

But not to worry, in the end the Post seldom disappoints…

1. That the piece is timed to create a diversion is irrefutable, what with Hillary facing more bad news from State’s IG re her email imbroglio, especially at a time when Trump is ascendant and going full nuke on the Clinton legacy of corruption including BJ’s rapacious nature.

2. It’s sudden appearance aside though, as a whole the text is a not particularly clever homage to a genre of cultural Marxist narratives which revolve around the tired caricature of a “movement” composed of ill-educated, out of work white Christian rednecks…with guns…lots and lots of guns…dedicated to some form of unprovoked, violent anti-government upheaval, all of which is then indelicately woven throughout the feature article’s 3,500 plus word expanse.

3. Front and center is the clear implication by the Post that the traditionalist/nativist sentiment is a threat to “civilization,” that term meaning the “wonders” which the left’s Gramscian social manipulation have foisted upon the West.

4. Unsurprisingly, clichés abound alongside the “sign posts” allegedly dotting the pathway which led to the presence of a “Vast Right Wing Army;” Ruby Ridge, Waco and of course the 1995 bombing of the Mura Building in Oklahoma City. Oddly, Waco and Oklahoma City were part of that grand experience the typical WashPost Toasty reader thinks of reverentially as the “Golden Clinton Years,” the same period of time when self-loading rifles with detachable magazines mysteriously transformed themselves into the tools of the Devil incarnate.

5. In order to provide some sense of authoritativeness, the article invokes the “wisdom” of the lunatic chorus, Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center – a cash cow that seemingly exists for the sole purpose of “officially” designating Constitutionalist/traditionalist/nativist organizations as “hate groups,” and someone named J.J. MacNab, a “Fellow” with George Washington University’s “Center for Cyber and Homeland Security.” MacNab’s CV [a BA from Berkeley in “International Relations”] is as thin as her veracity. Both Potok and MacNab specialize in clown research, a methodology which entails arriving at the predetermined “right” conclusion, in this case, that those opposed to an ever expanding, out of control surveillance state, represent the greatest domestic threat to American security – this despite the fact that there are active and ongoing FBI investigations on ISIS cells in all 50 states.

6. In shorthand, the thesis of the WashPost’s “Patriots at the Gates,” merely expands on the paranoid extremist viewpoint of the Potok and MacNabs of the world.

That said, let it be understood that there is a genuine and rapidly growing patriot movement, both in the United States and Europe…but it’s beyond the comprehension of the paranoid left’s conspiracy mongers and the WashPost’s drones.

It’s there…but it’s not there - no interlocking directorates, big moneyed puppetmasters or smoke and mirror types directing the surging tide of traditionalism, or nativism which is sweeping across the Western world.

Though this unseen movement has many attributes, they all center on the belief that Western Civilization is in the process of cannibalizing itself in propitiation to the false god of cultural Marxism.

To put it indelicately, native born, white, Judeo-Christians – on both sides of the Atlantic - are fucking tired of being stigmatized as dangerous haters, in need of constant surveillance, when all they seek to do is preserve the most demonstrably noble culture this world is ever likely to see.

Yes, of course, many of these people seethe with rage, and who can blame them when you understand what is at stake over the next decade or so?


This movement is entirely [at this point] pacifistic in nature. It’s an organic living thing which reacts accordingly to threatening outside stimuli. There are no official leaders, secret meetings or handshakes.

You can’t cut off the head to kill the body because there is no head. This is the left’s true nightmare, a huge [many million person] phantom army which is impossible to really identify, let alone destroy because the only linkage between members is more akin to a group collective unconscious, if you are part of it, you feel it in your soul.

When the human body is invaded by agents of infection, white blood cells detect the invaders by identifying “enemy” pathogens because their antigen signature differs from that of normal cells. No one has to tell the white cells where to go to volunteer, what to do when they get there and when to do it, all this is done by the autonomic system…it’s an immediate, unthinking response.

The United States is now approaching 250 years in age, it’s most assuredly a mature republic and like the human body, it will defend itself automatically against grave threat, in this case the total loss of its identity.

No Paul Revere will be required, if the central government forces it, a set of events will be set in motion which will be unable to call back.

May we suggest that the Marxist left [much of official DC] consider its next moves carefully, if they allow their band of thugs to impede the November election the response will be swift, massively non-proportional and ugly.

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