London's Muslim Mayor Khan Wastes No Time - Aligns with Clinton, Blasts Trump

May 11, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – As foreshadowed by our piece just a few days ago [please refer to [Londonistan Becomes a Reality: Brain Dead Brits Elect Muslim Extremist] the city of London's new Muslim mayor [yes folks, hate to tell you this but that DOES make a difference, a huge one] Sadiq Khan is already pushing political Islam, injecting himself into the American presidential race, siding of course with the Islamist friendly, Mrs. Clinton…the “Butcher of Benghazi" - playing the phony Muslim scam of victimology.

“Mr. Khan made no secret of his support for Mrs. Clinton and expressed confidence that she would ‘trounce’ Mr. Trump. ‘As the father of two daughters,” he said, “I couldn’t imagine a better role model for them than a woman president of the United States.’” [source, Steven Erlanger and Stephen Cast, Donald Trump Is ‘Ignorant About Islam,’ London’s Muslim Mayor Says , NY Times]

According to the Jewish online news source, Tablet, Khan’s Labour Party, already under siege due to its long-time anti-Semitic cant, is actually led by an anti-Semite, Jeremy Corbyn.

“As was well-known before he ever won the Labour leadership last fall with nearly 60 percent of the vote, Corbyn has a long and disgraceful history of associating with, promoting and defending anti-Semites. There was the Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, to whose charity he had donated. There was his defense of the vicar, Stephen Sizer, who believes the Mossad perpetrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks. There was his invitation to, and later praise of, the Islamist Raed Salah, who has repeated the blood libel. Don’t forget Dyab Abou Jahjah, with whom Corbyn shared a platform, utterer of the claim that Europe made “the cult of the Holocaust and Jew-worshipping its alternative religion,” or Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami, Palestinian terrorists who bombed the Israeli Embassy and the offices of a Jewish charity, for whose release Corbyn campaigned.” [source, James Kirchick, Who Is Responsible for Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party? Jeremy Corbyn - Something is Rotten in the United Kingdom .]

As far as we can determine not only is Khan the most unstealthy jihadist leader in Western Europe, he should serve as the poster-boy in America’s new nativist movement to halt Muslim immigration into the United States.

Far from being “ignorant” about Islam, as Khan states, the presumptive GOP nominee is keenly aware of the national security threat that Islam represents.

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