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May 3, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – Below please consider some thoughts regarding our decision to endorse Donald J. Trump for the office of President of the United States.

Though we view the observation to be axiomatic, nonetheless we note that the current period in history is so critical that the next decade may well determine the future of Western Civilization, a characterization about which we are as serious as a heart attack.

So please allow us to proceed in a stream of consciousness bit of prose…

Mr. Cruz is obviously stunningly intelligent and says the things that strict constructionists want to hear. Mr. Trump has built an empire taking risks while engaging in capitalism and must therefore also be highly intelligent as demonstrated by the ability to get things done in perhaps the toughest city bureaucracy in the U.S., no small feat.

As an aside, Mr. Obama is perhaps as intelligent as Mr. Cruz and look at the wreckage of the last 7+ perhaps sheer IQ is not indicative of anything but the ability to process information; it doesn’t speak to motives, intent, policy, ability to forge consensus or any of the qualities required if the West is going to have one last shot at maintaining its greatness.

As we all painfully remember Obama campaigned as a uniter…enough said.

From our vantage point the entirety of Western Civilization hangs in precarious balance as of this writing, and depending on the political decisions that Western leaders make over the next, let’s say, decade [though it could well be shorter than that] we risk losing everything, the entire corpus of values which have made the modern world a significantly better place in which to live.

Because of cultural Marxism/deconstructionism/post-modernism…whatever…the West find itself with a major inferiority complex, i.e., the West lacks cultural confidence especially vis-a-vis an ascendant Muslim world which is knitted together by a very closely held sacralized ideology [i.e. a secular, or demi-religion] Islam.

There is a demographic time bomb which has been allowed to have been planted on our shores. As we permit an unrestricted inflow of people who are often illiterate in their own native tongue and have no identification with the ideals of liberal democracies - in the case of Islam it is doctrinally, often violently, antagonistic to the concept of acculturation and secular governance - the West, because of its low reproductive rate, is rapidly losing the key to being able to maintain our liberties and freedoms, its native people [yes there certainly are naturalized citizens who fully support tradition] who are the soul of the West.

After the tipping point occurs – residing in California and thus seeing the process up close and personal - there will come a point of no return, as the traditional demographic is subsumed into one which is decidedly un-democratic as well as being highly antagonistic towards the nativist perspective.

With that as context we see the presidential contest more in terms of which of the two candidates - Hillary is anathema, a walking form of terminal cultural cancer - might be able to address this overriding issue.

Before we proceed let us note that regardless, we will endorse and work our asses off for whoever becomes the eventual GOP nominee.

Though the media inertia is captive to the prevailing world-view of the I95/DC/NRO/Atlantic Coast corridor, “flyover country” Americans sense something has gone horribly wrong. Though many may not be able to properly articulate it to the satisfaction of the academic world, the lumpenproletariat feel that America is rapidly becoming un-Amerika.

Trump’s championing of closing the Southern border and halting Muslim immigration as well as severely constraining the number and type of visas available to foreign Muslim nationals speaks to this core concern. It was he, not Cruz who made this a central topic in the campaign.

To cut it short, all candidates are a gamble; witness the GOP led Congress’ lack of will to oppose Obama on anything, so it’s a crapshoot at a certain level.

However we believe [from the perspective of having previously supported and contributed to the Cruz campaign] that Trump at least intuitively understands the aforementioned core issue, whereas Cruz is all process.

Additionally Cruz has spent his entire life in government, has no record of accomplishments and is an abrasive unlikeable person. We say this based upon the judgment of many who know him as well as those who associated with Mr. Cruz going all the way back to his college days, where many of his classmates held him in low regard with some of his female acquaintances additionally observing that Ted’s demeanor and behavior was “creepy.”

Lastly we come to the matter of veracity.

Ted Cruz is a liar, for example, at least based upon the coverage in the latest Newsweek, certainly not an academic peer reviewed periodical but nonetheless authoritative to the extent that its journo can be sourced to the truth.

As many of you know, over the last week John Boehner characterized Cruz in an especially negative manner. Cruz immediately responded, all of which is contained in the below excerpt from Newsweek:

[Cruz said] “I’ve never worked with John Boehner. The truth of the matter is I don’t know the man…

It was the late 1990s: Boehner was a congressman from Ohio, and Cruz was a rising legal star who had clerked for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist. Cruz had not yet turned 30. Boehner was suing Democratic Representative Jim McDermott of Washington state for allegedly defying wiretapping laws, according to The Washington Post.

The case stemmed from an illegally intercepted telephone call that involved Boehner and other GOP leaders in December 1996. The call was about then-Speaker Newt Gingrich, who later admitted to a wrongdoing in an ongoing House ethics subcommittee investigation. A Florida couple intercepted the conversation from a police scanner and recorded it while Boehner spoke on a cellphone, then gave the tape to McDermott, who at the time was the chief Democrat on the House Ethics Committee. McDermott presented the tape to media outlets, including The New York Times. Boehner then sued McDermott, seeking punitive damages for violations of his First Amendment rights.

And who did Boehner hire for his legal team? None other than a fresh-faced Cruz, who at the time had finished two clerkships and was working with a law firm in Washington, D.C. Cruz, who worked at the firm for a year until 1998, was one of the attorneys who briefly defended Boehner during litigation against McDermott.”

So Ted was obviously lying, the type of untruth that is especially troubling because it’s entirely and thoughtlessly reckless because it can so easily be proven false. This type of lying is commonly seen as evidence of “congenital lying,” an especially troubling personality defect in one who aspires to be the next President of the United States.

Mr. Trump threatens the status quo, Cruz works behind the scenes with scumbag party insiders, who despite the fact that many actually hate him, in Trump see an end to their never-ending gravy train.

The Donald also is a polished and highly skilled media professional, unpredictable, apparently fearless and charismatic in a manner inconceivable to Mr. Cruz, who has never held court at rallies of 30k rabid supporters.

It is our judgment that GOP candidate Donald J. Trump would destroy Clinton Inc. in the general election. He might even succeed in putting New York, California and other “deep blue" states back in play and therefore force the Democrat party to devote huge resources to entire geographic areas which they have taken for granted for decades.

Strategically it’s HUUUUGE having a candidate who can actually create the big tent about which the RNC has historically pretended to want, but rejects when they can’t control the candidate capable of creating that new voter base.

We see no alternative, vote Trump.

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