Revenge of the I-95 Conservative Losers

March 29, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - - Today boys and girls we tune in to learn that Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's chief campaign guy, has been charged with a single misdemeanor count of battery against a member of the fourth estate.

After reviewing all the video we could obtain - dozens of times - here is what happened:

The journo, a female with a history of such malarkey, was observed by Mr. Lewandowski, having separated herself from the trailing retinue of media types, rapidly having closed distance from his rear right with a sizable light colored object in her right hand [probably a digital recorder]. The hardware was pointed at Mr. Trump. A large Secret Service type [unconfirmed as to actual identity] appeared to half-heartedly guide her away from Trump, but she persisted and again rapidly moved towards the candidate.

Situated to the left, rear of trump, an alarmed Lewandowski was watching this develop, very possibly sensing some impending danger to his boss. He then briskly walked forward, brushing past the SS type [who carried on as if nothing was happening] and lightly grabbed the journo's left arm, momentarily impeding her progress.

The journo didn't perceptibly stumble and fall, nor did she at the time seem inordinately concerned about the contact, there was no expression of shock or discomfort on her face. Her MSM buds were similarly nonplussed as they continued trailing behind Trump as he headed toward the exit, oblivious to the "battery."

This inevitably raises questions...

What exactly is the state of mind of Mr. Trump's Secret Service detail? Why did it fall upon Lewandowski to halt what could have been an assault? This is the second time in a few weeks where the vaunted SS crew [with their fancy HK MP-5s] has been found sleeping on the job, having been so lax on March 12 as to have allowed a powerfully built male anarchist disruptor to jump a 3 foot high fence, rush the stage from which Trump was speaking and actually grab the candidate's leg.

When the SS finally did make contact they treated him as if he were made of glass, gently restraining him rather than immediately slamming him to the ground to definitively end the threat. Unbelievably the guy was immediately released after a brief sham of a judicial proceeding.

Predictably the media is having a field day with this, using the non-incident [why did it take the reporterette so long to file charges if the "attack" was so brutal?] to extend the absurd narrative that the candidate is some latter day Hitler, inciting mob violence when the truth is that he and his supporters - which are legion - are being prevented from exercising their right to free political speech on a regular basis.

It should go without saying that though the left loves to pontificate about the First Amendment - and hide behind it when the opportunity presents itself - it seems to have little interest in its exercise when it's non-leftists whose freedoms are being trampled by well-funded hooligans.

We of course expect no better from the MSM, which now sadly includes Fox's Bleached Blond Brigade but this campaign season we have a new player that is, to a remarkable degree, marching in lock-step, along with the cultural Marxists...the I-95/DC centric members of the "professional conservative" club: Krauthammer, J. Goldberg, Jim Geraghty, Rich Lowry, Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, little Billy Kristol and the like.

These folks have, temporarily at least [many of them being closet Bushkins] coalesced behind the first term, junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz who right now is facing a very serious challenge to his self-righteous pose of born-again moral superiority, being the subject of a National Enquirer expose - Pervy Ted Cruz Caught Cheating - With 5 Secret Mistresses! .

Oddly in the face of a potentially career ending matter, the senator seems not at all interested in doing what any truly innocent party would do, hire a team of shark attorneys and sue the hell out of the publication for libel and defamation. This is especially hard to understand given the very recent conviction and levying of a $115M settlement against in a privacy action brought by former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Stepping back a bit, we have made no effort to hide our disgust regarding the actions being taken [we get a barrage of emails every day - including numerous missives from National Review - slamming the leader in the GOP race] by a bunch of sniveling, whining "conservative" losers whose efforts have proved so devastatingly ineffective that the culture is now lumbering along under a requirement to provide "transgendered" bathroom and locker room access.

It's this clown posse which is now ignoring the .44 magnum pointed at the head of its darling Ted while doing its damndest to subvert the electoral process.

If one wants to get into the weeds, the level of intrigue here is hard to believe...

Disgraced [particularly snotty] media attaches linking up with the type of GOP advisors who savaged then VP nominee Sarah Palin behind her back during the '08 campaign.

Out of business campaigns shopping scandalous rumors.

Highly irregular transfers of money between the PACs of candidates who detest each other.

Failed female politicians [available for rent?] allowing themselves to be used as human shields to defend against the Cruz allegations.

It's mind-blowing and shows no signs of stopping.

Meanwhile the Trump movement surges on, though whether it can stand against a non-stop assault by what seems to the entire weight of the U.S. political establishment remains to be seen.

Regardless, a growing chunk of the U.S. electorate is way past pissed-off over the games being played, especially those led by the eunuchs at NRO, seeing the distinct possibility that the GOP/RNC long beards intend to steal the nomination in Cleveland.

Traditional, non-ideological Americans know what is going on. They might not be following it at the same microscopic level of detail as are the political junkies, but much information do they need to know they're being sodomized nine-ways-to-Sunday?

We have mentioned, more than once on these pages our fear of where this is headed, no not simply the election of another corrupt Clinton, but the genuine possibility of a physical social upheaval...a revolution.

Let's be clear, we are talking the real thing, blood in the streets, innocents killed, martial law, perhaps an election held in abeyance. Once a shitstorm like this starts there is no way on Earth to predict its direction.

The U.S. got lucky in 1776, the French?

Not so much in 1789.

Though the internals between the U.S. colonies and France were quite different then, such is not the case now...all that's really lacking is for the bright lights to offer up their own Robespierre.

This struggle isn't a long-distance push and shove between "free Englishmen" and a powdered half-witted European monarch; no its our supposed champions who are almost literally telling the conservative/traditionalist/nativist "lumpenproletariat" to go "eat cake."

We hope that the delusional fools - the crony conservative intelligentsia - who are mainly situated along the Atlantic Coast, remember the then unimaginable fate which awaited King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and that NO ONE wants that or anything even marginally approaching such a cataclysm to happen now.

However those who snidely continue to goad a bull which is already enraged, bucking about and blowing snot had better carefully consider their next moves.

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