Why "Muslim Reformers" Should Support Heavy Surveillance of Mosques and Communities

March 28, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - It has become somewhat of a cottage industry in the journo world and on the rubber chicken circuit for people representing themselves as peaceful, acculturated "moderate" Muslims to assure the great unwashed that Islam is a religion of peace [so declared in the famous fatwa issued by imam al-Bush and his MSM shura council].

According to this theory, Islam's present difficulties stem from it having been "hijacked" by fake Muslims who simply hide behind the Qur'an and Hadith [though many of them have an encyclopedic knowledge of it] to advance their crass and brutal campaigns of conquest.

Now, some of the reformer types seem genuine, others however are simply frauds, in it merely for money and the always alluring celebrity represented by blindingly derivative, inane appearances on Fox News, pushing some version of the mantra, "Well Megyn, you know as well as I that 99% of the worlds Muslims are entirely peaceful chaps who would gladly adopt orphaned Jewish children, if it were not for the few hot-heads who misinterpret Islam to secure their evil ends."

Yet these same transcendental Muslims uniformly resist, with great vigor, law enforcement surveillance of their ghetto-like [intentionally constructed] mini-Kabul-like communities and - with shrieks of apoplectic horror - their masjids, mosques and Islamic centers.

Representing this sentiment is the self-proclaimed defender of the faith, the "civil rights" group CAIR [excuse for the moment that the organization is linked to HAMAS] which infamously has called for U.S. Muslims to "Build a Wall of Resistance" between it and the American intelligence apparatus.

That the "radicals" are in accord with the "moderates" on this matter should give one pause for concern regarding the bona-fides of the latter, but we will leave that for another time.

But getting back to the basic question, why wouldn't genuinely secular [and there must be a few, simply using the logic of the Bell Curve] Muslims beg for law enforcement to freely comingle with their communities?

Think about it.

We are told that "bad" Islam, though it appears to be the belief system's normative reality, dominates the "good" Islam through intimidation.

Given the previously unimaginable horror which the "bad" 1%ers have wrought, use of the word intimidation is mild, but to deny its existence is to deny reality so it is obviously a factor in the overall and admittedly very complex equation

But think of it...

Every mosque has hidden within its congregation undercover agents listening to every word that the imam preaches. These moles are so omnipresent that they are privy to the heartbeat of every Islamic house of worship.

Ditto the communities in general, black and whites out in force and police officers patrolling on foot patrol.

Voila, no more roving street thugs indiscriminately enforcing the Shari'a.

If this offends Muslims, fine, deal with it. You started this, because for whatever reason you have allowed this matter to rise to the level of an existential threat; you are either a citizen of the West and will abide its liberalism or you are the embodiment of the problem and will be dealt with accordingly.

We await - with limited expectations - the incipient throngs of secular Muslims who will jump on this proposition...if you are truly of like mind, join with us as together we create the conditions whereby you can "reclaim" your faith...

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