ISW Study: ISIS Lays Siege to Europe

March 26, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - - According to a just released report by the Institute for the Study of War [ISW] - ISIS' Campaign Europe: March 2016 - Europe, despite more than adequate warning and the already substantial carnage, remains almost entirely unprepared to deal with the war being waged against it by ISIS' mujahideen.

For over 30 years the Continent has rejected the concept of enforceable borders [America are you listening?] due to the disastrous Schengen Agreement [1985] which has produced results which should have been at the time entirely predictable, a total inability to secure the land mass against even the most obvious bad players - Islamic jihadists.

During this same period of time European leaders have engaged in an almost complete rejection of the principles underlying Western Civilization, refusing to defend the tradition represented by the Enlightenment and Reformation against the cultural Marxists who have enforced the corrosive ideology of multiculturalism to the point where the future of Europe is in grave doubt.

ISW's findings are bleak:

"ISIS’s suicide bombings in Brussels demonstrate that the jihadist threat to Europe is outpacing domestic and international law enforcement efforts. ISIS is successfully using its safe haven in Iraq and Syria to train as many as 600 foreign fighters for external attacks. ISIS’s fighters benefit from extensive support networks across the European continent. The logistical requirements for facilitating European foreign fighter travel into Iraq and Syria can also export those fighters from ISIS’s safe havens back to Europe."

Due to what many call "political correctness," but which should more precisely be seen as "ideologically approved speech and thought," Europe's security services have refused to target the population from which terrorism springs, the Contintent's festering Muslim no-go zones and the mosques which serve as jihadist command centers and armories.

This failure to face reality has hamstrung law enforcement to a degree where it has effectively blinded itself to the threat.

"Reports following the November 2015 Paris attacks and the recent Brussels attacks indicate European governments have incomplete, fragmented intelligence on the identity and communications of ISIS’s members in Europe. ISIS likely retains attack cells and logistical networks within Europe that will enable it to launch additional spectacular attacks, with support from the organization’s leadership within Iraq and Syria."

Of course no discussion of this matter can avoid commenting on the Obama administration which has performed scandalously, refusing to engage the viper pits in Iraq and Syria in order to deny ISIS safe haven.

"Strengthening European law enforcement and intelligence capabilities will only address one element of the ISIS threat to Europe...ISIS’s safe haven within Iraq, Syria, and now Libya will continue to provide the logistical infrastructure necessary to train, resource, and direct attack cells in Europe. The anti-ISIS coalition must deprive ISIS of its territorial control as a caliphate, which is its primary source of strength, in order to destroy the ISIS threat to Europe."

As long as Obama is president none of this has the slightest possibility of changing. It seems the CIC is far more interested in partying with communist dictators than dealing with issues that are so serious that they threaten to foment civil war [in which civil government will take the side of the jihadists against the native born and acculturated] and eventually the destruction of the West.

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