Trump Crushes Left - Huge Arizona Rally

March 19, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - - Don't bother looking for it in the MSM, they don't want you to know; but after a day long series of childish stunts perpetrated by the usual suspects, a consortium organized by the hard left [Soros, Sanders, Clinton, Obama and assorted Marxist rabble] the Trump rally in Fountain Hills, AZ was attended by thousands of wildly exuberant voters, eagerly anticipating victory in next Tuesday's primary election.

With Trump leading his nearest rival by 15% in the most recent polling, prospects look good for the unorthodox GOP frontrunner despite being opposed by party elders, DC insiders, I-95 weenies, National Review type eunuchs and of course the media which though monolithic in its opposition, seems to have infused even more vigor into the campaign.

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