Law Enforcement MIA at Rent-a-Mob Trump Protests


March 19, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - - It seems pretty obvious to us that local law enforcement is under some kind of stand-down order, issuing directly from Obama's DOJ, when it comes to dealing with the Soros/MoveOn rent-a-mob "protests" at Donald Trump events.

It's hard to imagine another plausible explanation because the pattern - when it comes to restraining the excesses of the totalitarian left - is consistent and nationwide, from Ferguson, to Baltimore, up to NYC, westward to Chicago, last night in Salt Lake City and now in Arizona.

In an intricately wired society such as ours, things of this magnitude seldom happen by accident and law enforcement's refusal to act or take effective measures - as if they were doves with two broken wings - is part of a larger effort by the Marxists to stifle the First Amendment rights of millions of pissed off citizens who are showing up in the tens of thousands at these political rallies.

First a brief note re Fox News, specifically Megyn "Butch" Kelly.

Look hun, u were trained as a lawyer and you damn well know that the U.S. Constitution does not allow roving bands of violent thugs to forcefully interfere with the free expression of political speech or to physically assault and intimidate the overflow crowds which result when venues cannot physically accommodate their numbers.

Likewise, physically breaching doors allowing jack boots to crash events with obscene and hateful placards, rushing the stage while a candidate attempts to speak and threatening women and children by their looming malevolent presence, are NOT protected under the First Amendment.

Yet we hear these disingenuous representations of constitutional law dripping from the lips of showboating Fox talking heads, with or without hair extensions and pounds of bondo-like makeup.

Police departments across the nation have in large part abdicated its most basic responsibility, to maintain the rule of law.

The reasons for this are myriad, but lately it has become obvious that LE is so cognizant of the legal implications of what might await them upon the merest suggestion of "over" enforcement or "inappropriate" use of force, that it is holding back, operating in self-preservation mode.

For this they cannot be faulted. Most of these people join the Thin Blue Line out of genuine love of country and a desire to see that the bad-guys get what they deserve.

However, over the last couple of decades and with rapidly increasing speed over the 8 years of the Obama regime, we have been witness to the federalization of local law enforcement. This is a top down assault by the Department of Justice, now led by a vindictive bully in a business suit, Loretta Lynch, who holds the Civil Rights Division like a Sword of Damocles over the head of every policeman in the land.

"Step out of line," according to the DOJ mantra, and you'll be "doing time."

The new standard of police comportment goes like this.

The fury of angry minorities, left-wing hooligans or milquetoast students alleging micro-aggression will not be constrained by the law. Routinely, thugs are allowed to close down freeways, crash through doors, disrupt meetings, physically intimidate, or in the case of American colleges these days, lodge specious but serious charges such as rape against the innocent [usually Caucasian males] with impunity.

If you are a leftist or an Islamist you may even create self-governing, tension filled geographical areas where law enforcement refuses to go, or only shows a token presence.

Consider them "traditionalist American" free zones.

Good luck if you attempt to defend yourself while having, what was expected to be a pleasant lunch at a restaurant, and then set on by some Black Lives Matter psychotic. It's you who will be arrested, the BLM garbage having been prejudged as innocent, merely engaged in expressing his or her right of free political speech.

In some places like Dearborn, Michigan it has gotten so bad that the area is now commonly referred to as Dearbornistan, a First World clone of some foreign Islamic shithole, where the Shari'a has in large part supplanted the corpus of American law.

The rot in American law enforcement is so extensive that in many cases a directive from DOJ central in DC is no longer necessary as police chiefs, union leaders and much of the command structure reflect, through quota hires and other forms of political meddling reflect the hard edge of the rainbow coalition's cultural Marxist warriors.

These are goons with guns authorized to enforce their prejudice with deadly force...or as so often is the case, delegate that nasty duty to those who cruise the streets in black and whites, understandably afraid of their own shadows because no one has their back.

When the legal system refuses to do its job, the entire culture is threatened.

That is the central question of these times...will the United States remain a nation of laws or instead, continue to slide downhill towards anarchy and the CIC's wet dream, any excuse to invoke martial law?

As is always the case, this matter lies in the hands of the electorate, the thin red, white and blue line that lies between us don't want to go there.

If you cherish your family, community, faith...your way of life, you'd better get off your ass and do something about it because given the inertia of society as it's now constituted, left unchecked you have no future.

Trust us, your political party, the DC insiders, the illiterati of the National Review type East Coast snobs, those representing the interests of the I-95 mentality are quite willing to watch this all go down, smugly smirking to themselves while sipping Glenlivet.

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