Lessons in Multiculturalism: Revolt In Brussels After Arrest of Muslim Terrorist

March 18, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On Friday, the ISIS inspired mastermind of the Paris terror attacks, Salah Abdeslam and members of his family were arrested in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, Belgium after a shootout which followed what has been described as a tense 4 hour standoff.

"Four other people were also arrested, three of them members of Abdeslam’s family, as police carried out three raids over a four-hour operation, a spokesman for the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office said. One of the four, identified as Monir Ahmed al-Hadj, was wounded, the spokesman, Eric van der Sypt, told reporters in Brussels." [source, James McAuley, Griff Witte and Michael Birnbaum, Key suspect in Paris attacks captured in Brussels raid; four others arrested , WaPo]

Unfortunately - but as these things tend to play out - not surprisingly, the locals in the heavily Muslim neighborhood were not pleased by the arrest of someone whom they consider to be a hero, a man with the blood of at least 130 Parisians on his hands.

"Tense scenes have broken out between locals and security forces in Molenbeek following the arrest of Salah Abdeslam with some residents reportedly “praising” the evil Paris terrorist. Riot police were called in to disperse the crowds who gathered in the Brussels suburb after missiles were thrown at the Belgian authorities." [source, Selina Sykes, Missiles thrown at police in Molenbeek by Salah Abdeslam 'supporters' - their sick 'HERO' , UK Express]

There really isn't much to add to this commentary.

Abdeslam, a Moroccan immigrant [as are many of Europe's "rapeugees"] was welcomed into Europe due to the policies of some of the most servile politicians this side of the White House. This was done upon the now obviously mistaken belief in the pathological ideology of multiculturalism, [cultural Marxism] which holds that all societies are morally equivalent and that whatever difficulties the third world faces are entirely due to the West's colonial oppression, and bigotry.

Yet the kindness extended to Abdeslam and his family wasn't nearly strong enough to override the prime directive of normative Islam, which is to kill and maim as many non-Muslims as possible, forcing them into submission.

This is life in the real world and it lies at the center of the current faux-conservative attack being launched by spineless weasels against the populist leader of the GOP pack, Donald Trump.

While Europe, in our opinion will be lucky to survive its foolishness, we in the United States are very different and still have a chance to protect the essential character of our nation, with one proviso, that we insist on the sanctity of what Dr. Michael Savage long ago neatly encapsulated as, "borders, language and culture."

It is this which chills the soul of the oligopoly which now runs the United States and renders their efforts to subvert the election so reprehensible.

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