The Fire This Summer - Revolution in America

March 17, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - - Our friends at the Center for Security Policy, arguably the most well-respected defense think tank in DC, recently produced a troubling video, soberly titled "An Islamic Revolution in America?"

The presentation effectively crosscuts between scenes of unrest in the Middle East, the recent Marxist riot in Chicago [3.11.16] which caused a huge GOP political rally to be shut down over security concerns [law enforcement attacked with bricks] and a 2015 speech delivered in Chicago at the MAS/ICNA convention [MAS, the Muslim American Society, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, and the Islamic Circle of North America, ideologically tied to Jamaat-e-Islami, an organization created by the revolutionary Indo-Pakistani Muslim intellectual Abul A'la Maududi, nee Mawdudi] by Khalilah Sabra in which she posed the following question:

"We are the community which staged a revolution across the world if we can do that why can't we have that revolution in America?"

According to her Wiki, Sabra has been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood for over 30 years:

"In the late 1980s she was recruited into the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikwan Al-Muslimeen), the only American female in the organization at that time."

The Muslim Brotherhood is the Egyptian terrorist organization which created HAMAS and whose ideology is widely recognized as the foundational element which motivates all modern Islamic terrorist groups including al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, al-Nusra and of course, ISIS.

But there is a lot of jockeying amongst those intent upon toppling Western Civilization...just a few days ago we became aware of a new Marxist revolutionary group calling itself "Democracy Spring."

Partnered with the usual suspects, the Sorosphere, Code Pink, the Democratic Socialists of America etc., they threaten to shut down major American cities with acts of claimed "peaceful" disobedience this spring and summer as the nation heads towards the polls in November.

"over 2,000 people have already pledged to risk arrest between April 11th-18th in what will be one of the largest civil disobedience actions in a generation."

Having seen the left's brand of "non-violence" on full display last Friday night in Chicago, pardon us if we question their sincerity.

We have written at length about what David Horowitz aptly called the "Unholy Alliance" between the Marxist/progressive left and Muslim revolutionaries:

"Progressive leftism/Marxism and Islamism are the chief ideologies which seek our destruction. They are the protagonists which drive transformational politics of the type we are now witness to in Washington and in most of the Muslim world. They operate in tandem fashion, allying where politically advantageous upon the belief that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

In the shadow war to overturn the culture, language is an essential component so naturally it becomes a target. Understandably then, conflict over the lexicon is being waged at the highest levels of the national security apparatus, throughout government as a whole and in a much more general and all encompassing sense, throughout the culture. The non-governmental institutions which have been targeted in this clandestine influence operation are those which define and create our way of life, culture and ultimately, our civilization.

Realizing that these represent the soft underbelly of a republican democracy they are under furious assault by the neo-Marxist left and their unholy Islamic revolutionary allies, the jihadists.

The concept is not a new one, control the language, circumscribe the parameters within which dialogue is permissible...dominate the narrative, and therefore define the culture. This technique has bled into academe, where it has found great acceptance." [source, William Mayer, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West,]

So this is obviously a grave threat which poses a clear and present danger to everything we as free men and women hold dear, right?

Obviously there can be but one response, band together to defeat them politically.

Ahhh, but not so fast, there is a slight impediment. ..those who have been running the GOP's clown circus, with disastrous results, for a very, very long time - the "conservative" illiterati - doth object mightily.

So instead of rough-hewn hands linked together with grave determination to utterly smash the Marxist/Islamist axis, we are presented with a truly bizarre spectacle, "our guys " the self-proclaimed "conscience" of the GOP, joining with the forces of darkness, trying their damndest to subvert the electoral process.

Those, nominally in our corner who imagine themselves to be our lords and ladies, are hell-bent on forcing another hopeless losing dufus candidate down our collective throats...and...they're blaming the increasing violence which is clearly being orchestrated by communists [i.e, Democrats and "progressives"] on the candidate and his supporters who, after all, are only exercising their First Amendment rights.

Emblematic of these cockroaches are the folks at National Review, a small circulation, inside the beltway publication which sheds a little more of its tattered credibility with every issue.

Jim Geraghty is typical of the NRO-tard, most of whom haven't really worked a day in their lives outside their gated enclaves. These are people who wouldn't understand the function of a pair of Vise-Grips unless they were attached to their genitals.

A recent Twitter posting by Geraghty:

"Idiotic Trump fan disrupts Kasich's speech. A classless candidate with classless fans leads us into a classless future."

Never mind that NR is supposed to be a high-brow source of intellectual sustenance for conservatives. Disregard that irrespective of Geraghty's display of epic East Coast snobbery, the fact is that the "fanatic" - had Jimmy taken the time to dig beyond his narrative - turned out to be a classic leftist agent provocateur, directly out of DNC central casting posing as a cartoon character Trumpster "loon."

But even looking past the lack of factual accuracy, that still leaves us with the author labeling millions of American voters as idiots and "classless fans" of a "classless candidate."

Mind you this is the candidate which leads his closest rival by a factor of more than 2:1, despite having had the better part of a quarter-of-a-billion dollar Blitzkrieg thrown at him.

If this occurred in a vacuum it wouldn't be a big deal. No one outside the waiting room of a K St. dental office reads NR and few have heard of Mr. Geraghty whose claim to fame [according to Wiki] seems to be that he had at one time "blogged" from Turkey, as an expat...a significant achievement, we must assume, never having had the misfortune to visit that Islamist shithole.

Readers, the stakes couldn't be higher, while the hard left truly wants to burn America to the ground over the next 8 months, our cognoscenti find the prospect of losing or even sharing power with an outsider so revolting that they have made common purpose with the enemy - the most frightening development we could imagine.

The American voter, though long to rile, isn't stupid.

Despite NRO's barbs and arrows [is it going too far out on a limb to guess that Rich Lowry has never had his ever so thin, aquiline nose broken in a fist fight?] the people who make America work - at least before the country was "transformed" - are truly afraid of losing everything, their families, homes, communities...their very way of life.

Oh, and they are pissed off, majorly p-i-s-s-e-d off.

To most thinking citizens, the prospect of Atlantic Coast pseudo-intellectuals working at fever pitch to deadlock the GOP convention [while crazies run wild in the streets] so they can slip in one of Karl Rove's suckling pigs ready for the November slaughter is genuinely too much to bear.

The appeal of Mr. Trump is easy to understand; he is all about animal-force, an anti-establishment New York alpha-male who refuses to buckle under to the panty waists whose policies have led us to transgendered bathroom access.

The public is wise and we will go with their decision, regardless of who they chose, and for the record, no, we do not believe in the mystical sanctity of the number 1,237.

If however, the NRO's of America manage to get their way, the revolution they reap will not be to their liking.

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