Cruz, Kasich and GOP Establishment Side with MoveOn Marxist Revolutionaries


March 12, 2016 – – San Francisco, CA – This morning, we awakened to what heretofore would have been unimaginable - at least to this writer - Ted Cruz, John Kasich [to a lesser extent Marco Rubio] and what appears to be the majority of the GOP/RNC establishment types taking the side of the communist revolutionaries who last night in Chicago abridged the First Amendment right of 25,000 supporters of Donald Trump as they broke into and disrupted one of his huge rallies.

There can be absolutely no doubt who caused the 3/11 Chicago riot,, one of George Soros' enterprises, undoubtedly assisted by members of the Sanders campaign, to whom MoveOn has sworn fealty.

Yesterday, because we are dialed into such things like a laser, the following landed in our corporate inbox:

Dear MoveOn member,

Breaking news: Donald Trump just canceled a rally in Chicago after thousands of University of Illinois at Chicago students, community members, and MoveOn members gathered outside and inside the venue in a demonstration that there's no room for Donald Trump's vitriol in their community.

This is what standing up to hate looks like—and it's a huge win for courageous student and community organizers who knew they were risking their own safety by taking action. Everywhere Trump goes, his hateful and violence-inciting rhetoric needs to be met with this kind of outpouring of peaceful opposition.

Everyone needs to see the image of this protest and get ready to stand up to Trump's hate in communities across the country. Can you share this image right now to make sure this is covered far and wide?

Together we can make sure that love trumps hate. In Chicago and in the entire country.

Thanks for all you do.

—Victoria, Matt, Anna, Schuyler, and the rest of the team

Yet, despite the admission by the Stalinists at MoveOn that it was their intent to [by extension] shut down the First Amendment rights of millions of American citizens, Cruz and Kasich signed on to the mayhem, blaming the victim, alleging that Mr. Trump incited the violence by his suggesting that America's borders should actually mean something.

As to the actions of Senator Cruz subsequent to last night's riot...

Throughout his campaign Cruz has sanctimoniously wrapped himself in the Constitution, citing chapter and verse of the numerous occasions in which he has defended a traditionalist view of America's sacred foundational document.

But when faced with a genuine assault last night in Chicago against the right of American citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights - which could have been a platform on which he could have shined - Cruz jumped in bed with the forces who openly want to scuttle his "precious" Constitution and burn America to the ground.

On matters such as this there can and will be no forgiveness, the Junior Senator from Texas is a philosophical enemy of this republic.

By his actions, Cruz has clearly proven himself to by the lying, scurrilous, bastard creature his most adamant critics have long claimed and thus is totally unfit for public service. It's no longer any secret why he is detested within the institution he serves, the U.S. Senate.

His unambiguous support of people who have been working for decades to destroy the American way of life is a shocking display of just how far the DC establishment will go to subvert the electoral process.

Thankfully the backlash against Cruz has already started, as we go to press he has lost about 20% of his former Twitter followers. Check the current timelines and note the extreme displeasure being expressed by those who were taken in by this Bible thumping lying weasel.

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