The Revolution Will be Televised: Marxist Riot in Chicago Highlights the Stakes in 2016 Election


March 11, 2016 – – San Francisco, CA – GOP presidential aspirant Donald Trump was forced to cancel a rally [of perhaps 25,000] this evening in Chicago when the event was stormed by hundreds of Marxist thugs, many holding pre-printed protest signs bearing the insignia of Black Lives Matter as well as, a George Soros funded group of revolutionary communists based in Berkeley, CA.

Pushing, shoving, screaming, was instantly transported back to the tear gas shrouded 1968 Democratic Convention riots in and around Grant Park, the exact point in American history when the Democrat party was taken over by the Marxist left.

What today's revolutionaries are attempting to do - successfully in some areas - stoked by the antics of Barack Obama, is to create "no go" zones for traditional Americans, denying them full access to their country. This is a tactic straight out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, specifically a technique of "isolating, fixating and killing" specific targets, in this case those of a geographic nature - the re-colonizing of the United States, piece by piece, under totalitarian rule.

In this effort they find common purpose with their similarly motivated jihadist brothers and sisters who have cordoned off entire sections of Europe which now literally are governed under the Shari'a.

Chicago is a perfect example, a once proud and beautiful mid-Western city turned into a festering shithole by a succession of graft-filled Democrat political administrations enabled by a complete lack of pushback by a feminized, corrupt GOP.

Over the last week we have seen the intelligentsia of the "conservative" national security, inside the beltway/DC/I-95 set, self-appointed Catholic leaders [Weigel & Burch/Catholic Vote], failed GOP candidates such as Mitt Romney, the National Review pipsqueaks, et. al., attempt to politically assassinate front runner Trump, to no avail.

Actually their actions have only made Trump and his growing bipartisan legions stronger, increased their resolve and perhaps more importantly, demonstrated to a national audience the stark choice which faces America as November approaches.

What is on display tonight - in a way that can only be viscerally felt via live television [barring of course actually being on the scene] - are the stakes which are up for grabs in 2016 and the abject failure of the "conservative" rank and file to have headed off this showdown well in advance by strangling the blossoming, virulently anti-Western, Unholy Alliance in its crib.

We hold the "conservative" establishment in large part responsible for tonight's display of anarchy in Chicago. They lit the fire this last week, tonight the scruffy left merely stirred the embers and fanned the flames.

This is of course not meant to absolve the low-life rent a mob attack on the First Amendment tonight - and for the record, Fox News - this was not a triumph of freedom of expression. The political right was physically gagged and the left empowered through sheer brute force, though in the long run this will not work out the way the George Soros' of the world and their minor enablers on the squishy right might have envisioned

Much in the way Pearl Harbor awakened, in the famous words of Imperial Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, "a sleeping giant," this evening's street rebellion is likely to drive even larger segments of an already restive electorate towards Mr. Trump.

If his bid for the GOP nomination was not a movement before March 11, 2016 it can no longer be mistaken for anything else.

If the left wants a revolution they need only continue this mad behavior. The people who make this country work have fucking had it and will from this point forward refuse to continue to wear red coats and march in a straight line.

You folks want war?

Bring it.

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