Clarion Project's Analysis of Trump's Statements on Islam: A Bit Muddled


March 10, 2016 – – San Francisco, CA – A short posting which appeared on this morning's Clarion Project website - Donald Trump: 'I Think Islam Hates Us' - Is He Right? - appeared to try to differentiate between Islam and "extremist" Islam as part of an effort to both put forth Clarion's take on the matter as well as going a substantial way [perhaps unintended, though we will give them the benefit of the doubt]to destroy the charge that Trump is a Muslim hating bigot, a scurrilous allegation which has recently been spread by a cabal of DC/I-95, self-professed conservatives, apparently being coordinated within the lower intestines of a no longer consequential publication, National Review.

In the piece, Clarion posits:

"Donald Trump's latest comment that 'Islam hates us' cannot be dismissed as mere bigotry, we have to tackle the root of the issue while opposing bigotry...Islamist extremism has to be shown to be separate from the religion of Islam...Trump’s view will be shared by millions of people who are scared...People won’t stop saying things like this until Islamist extremism is defeated."

Let's deal with these as a whole:

Despite the opinion of the inside-the-beltway bedwetters, Mr. Trump is far from being a racist. If nothing else his strong showing throughout the primary season among what some view as the GOP's Achilles' heel - minorities, including Hispanics as well as...surprisingly...Muslims, disproves that charge.

Call him a reasonable nativist, alarmed at the unanswered assault against all that the West holds dear.

But even this clarification leaves us with the larger, far more sober question with which national security professionals have grappled for entirely too long - is Islam irredeemably violent and therefore inconsistent with Western norms?

We dealt with this issue rather extensively in our December 2016 edition of [please refer to, The American Police State and the Preposterous Construct Called “Radical” Islam and The Misnomer of Islamic “Radicalization”] in which we developed the following critique, calling it the Cliff's Notes takeaway:

"The term "radicalization" is purposely designed to be squishily imprecise and misleading. This is done in order to better serve the enemy.

Claiming that Muslims become radicalized invokes the mental image of how does one become foolish at a clown convention.

The ideology under the microscope is normative Islam; it hasn't been hijacked. The belief’s sacralized textual materials provide chapter and verse justification required for Armageddon,

Islamic reform?

Systemic cognitive disorder…It's like a chemistry set, make whatever you want, the components are all there. To extend the analogy, the instruction manual states that making dangerous stuff is not only good but meritorious.

The argument regarding Islamic reform is disingenuous, it posits for a cafeteria style ideology where one pretends that the Leviathan in the room doesn’t exist. Fact: there are no major Islamic institutions, nor are their schools of Islamic jurisprudence which argue for reformational Islam. Moreover, “reformers” have no standing within their communities, at best they’re viewed as misfits preaching garbage."

In summary, we are pleased that Clarion has at least made an effort to examine the issues which imbue the discord between the foreign policy think tank establishment and the general public on the matter of Islamic jihadism.

The national security establishment would be wise to look at the matter from the perspective of the public, i.e., practically.

While it is of course entirely possible to theoretically assemble a non-combative, non-jihadist ideology within the trappings of Islam the question remains as to what application that might have in the real world?

Every Muslim majority nation shares the revolutionary doctrine commanded by the Shari'a which clearly teaches that it is the will of Allah to spread "his religion" throughout the world, if not peacefully then by the sword.

It is therefore entirely incompatible with Western morality/liberal democratic political philosophy.

It is this real Islam, the normative variety which the public intuitively "gets," and it is normative Islam about which Mr. Trump, and really what we believe to be the overwhelming majority of Americans have grave doubts.

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