An Apostate, Pedophilic Catholic Church, Led by a Marxist Pope Offers Voting Advice?


March 8, 2016 – – San Francisco, CA – An organization calling itself Catholic Vote, yesterday afternoon, forwarded via email a scurrilous attack on the front runner in the American political contest to represent the GOP in the upcoming 2016 presidential election, Donald J. Trump.

Curiously, the effort led by George Weigel and FIDELIS/'s Brian F. Burch [Burch's current total compensation according to the organization's 2014 990 being in excess of $150,000 per annum, on a total income of approximately $3M, of which over $600,000 is expensed under "fundraising"] among others is much like the recent open letter authored by "foreign policy experts" [see, In Response to a Troubling Open Letter] in that it too attempts to subvert the American electoral process.

The issues involving an unprecedented effort by self-proclaimed Catholic leaders to insert themselves into this process raises substantially different questions than does the aforementioned open letter.

While the missive penned by the foreign policy establishment represents a disparate array of undoubtedly knowledgeable individuals, in sum they claim no centralized authority outside of their own opinions [and their obvious I-95/establishment bias] personal CVs and organizations

The "Catholic letter" however is crafted to give the impression that it speaks for Catholicism.

Rather than revisiting, point by point the policy issues many of which were already reflected in the DC national security crowd in its poison pen effort, we feel that an analysis of the Catholic effort really rests on the moral teaching authority of the church, or lack thereof.

Catholicism has been engaged in a losing battle with orthodoxy for over 100 years, inaugurated by Pope Leo XIII's ill-conceived, childishly reasoned 1891 Encyclical Rerum Novarum, on Capital and Labor, itself a response to the rise of Marxism and rapid technological change mid 19th century.

Since we have written extensively on the matter [see, William Mayer, Bitter Harvest: How Marxist “Progressives” Have Infiltrated the American Catholic Church , The Religious Left Exposed] we see no reason to recast the arguments made in that document.

Additionally since the "unique" criticisms raised within the Catholic Vote screed are insubstantial we choose to, in response, briefly examine the moral the atmosphere in which normative Catholicism currently inhabits.

Salient points:

1. In the U.S. alone the Catholic Church has been forced to spend nearly $3 billion in civil penalties accruing from the countless prosecutions of sexual abuse by members of the church's ordained ministry. Of note, the overwhelming majority of this rampant sexual predation is of a pedophilic, homosexual nature, making it an especially grievous matter in the eyes Church teachings, though we personally draw no moral distinction between the heterosexual and gay aspect of these horrendous crimes.

To us both are an abomination in the eyes of the Almighty, ruining the lives of probably tens-of-thousands of children and untold numbers of the family members and friends of those so viciously taken advantage of by trusted religious authority figures.

To our knowledge little has been done officially to rein in pedophile priests, many of whom remain in situ plying their evil, often shuttled from parish to parish, their MO unbeknownst to entirely new pastures of victims. Additionally the seminaries remain hotbeds of homosexual license, again it's not the homosexuality to which we necessarily object, but the rampant sexuality in what should theologically be a chaste environment.

2. While the church has been tacking left for a very long time, that journey has reached its fruition in Pope Francis, undoubtedly a Marxist and an apostate even by current church standards. Under his leadership it's difficult to find any of the foundational bedrock of Catholic orthodoxy which have survived unchallenged - homosexual marriage, a non-celibate, non male priesthood and lately an appalling friendliness with major champions of abortion.

There can be no doubt that Francis hates capitalism and Western, free-market based capitalistic liberalism which shouldn't be that surprising considering that he was a former bar bouncer, hailing from a country with no real experience in democracy, let alone that of a republican nature.

Francis' distaste for capitalism seems to exude from his every pore. It has gushed out in his public pronouncements so many times that he no longer even denies the basic accusation upon it being challenged.

Yet Francis is arguably the richest man alive, probably the wealthiest man in history if one factors in all the church's real estate, art, financial and other holdings. That he sees no contradiction should be of no surprise, he is blinded by a hubris of tragic Greek proportions, a latter day Meidias.

3. Francis has shown himself immune to and uncaring about the horrendous suffering of what the church has traditionally viewed as the temporal "Body of Christ," the Christian laity as it is daily slaughtered as part of the global Islamic jihad. It is because of Francis' blindness to simple cause and effect that he welcomes the invasion of hundreds of thousands of young, violent Muslim males [holy war by hijrah] into the heart of Europe where they immediately go on the public dole, then proceed to rape and commit criminal offenses of a shocking nature and frequency.

For example, due to their nefarious influence, Sweden is now on a per capita basis, the rape capital of the world...yet Francis remains mum.

4. The Pope, a man thoroughly unschooled in any aspect of science, is far more concerned about pushing the fallacious theory of anthropogenic global warming than speaking out against the horror of an ongoing wholesale genocide being committed against the people whom he is charged with shepherding as the "Vicar of Christ."

Rather than attend to myriad problems, any one of which represent a potential fatal defect in the faith, the Pontiff acts as if the Reformation never took place, thus he has become the ultimate political animal, the mere saving of souls having apparently been deemed as too "bourgeois." In this vein Francis pompously fancies himself a social justice warrior, a thin veneer of nonsense in which which hides the inner Marxism of income redistribution and the growth of the requisite police surveillance state.

Recently this has culminated in a nasty attack against an American politician, yes you all know who he is and where he currently sits at the top of the GOP presidential heap.

"Building walls is not Christian," this, the progressive Francis, wails from inside the walled luxury of a profanely decorous, heavily guarded Medieval castle currently serving as the Vatican.presence

What remains unsaid but is obvious upon the briefest examination, is that the Pontiff is encouraging illegal immigration not out of any sense of Christian charity [after all most of the Church's refugee aid is siphoned directly from America's - capitalist - taxpaying class] but with politics and the Church's balance sheet in mind, hoping to use their numbers to replenish the droves of traditional Catholics who have fled an apostate shell of a church and abandoned its coffers.

Absent any real pushback by the Catholic Vote types of the world, the Catholic Church and much of its ordained and lay leadership appear poised on the verge of absolute moral collapse. The Church is a burned out cinder of a once proud faith and the continuing attacks fomented by people such as team Weigel/Burch mark a new low in a constantly devolving Western moral standard.

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