Desperate GOP Sheep


March 3, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – Editor’s note: It’s not often we offer Op Ed space but finding this little gem convinced us that it was more than appropriate as commentary regarding the effort being made by the RNC to deny the party faithful of their right to chose their candidate, regardless of who it is.

"É Meglio vivere un giorno da leoni che cento anni da pecore." In English: "Better to live a day as a lion than one hundred years as a sheep."

This is a quote attributed to Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini, aka Il Duce, by Time Magazine in its August 2, 1943 edition. Regardless of attribution the meaning is very profound and perfectly befits the GOP establishment, hereinafter referred to as 'GOP'. And yes, Trump recently used, but I tweeted the quote much earlier and am not attempting to ape him.

My purpose in citing the quote is not to discuss Mussolini or the horrors of fascism. But rather to show how perfectly the quote describes the complete subservient acquiescence of the GOP sheep towards Obama as he continues to destroy traditional American culture and values. Specifically, they have supported every one of his acts and edicts, their legality notwithstanding, and in effect allowed Obama to rule America as a virtual monarch without any meaningful opposition.

Now with Trump's overwhelming popularity and the leading candidate the GOP are attempting to act like patriotic lions through an array of smear campaigns painting him as being 'bad for America'. That mantra begs the threshold question 'what has the GOP done lately to benefit America?' Read on and learn.

GOP's Consistent Support For Obama:

Some of the more egregious anti-American acts of Obama the GOP has enthusiastically enabled and supported are set forth below with a salient point as to their thrust and results:

Obamacare was fraudulently misrepresented to America and her citizens who are now being forced to pay exorbitant premiums. The beneficiaries of this fraud are the health insurance industry who makes generous political donations and Obama's web designer pals whose fees are in the millions of dollars and counting. Very few members of Congress read the bill.

Trans Pacific Partnership Deal (TPP), aka Obamatrade, negotiated in secret between 12 Pacific Rim nations characterized as a multinational trading deal with few details publicly available. It is not a trade deal as touted but rather a treaty that cedes U.S. sovereignty to international tribunals. TPP creates digital policies benefitting major corporations that make significant political donations at the public's expense while stifling technology innovation and due process. Very few members of Congress read the bill.

Omnibus Spending Bill vested absolute power over immigration, refugees, and all associated spending in the president while removing Congress from any discussion. Obama's tribal indigent Muslim brethren were the major beneficiaries with virtually unlimited funds allocated to their 'well being'. This was Obama's punk Paul Ryan's proudest moment as he betrayed and lied to America for Obama and Islam. Very few members of Congress read the bill.

Iran Nuke Deal lifted sanctions on the terrorist country and gave it $150 billion to accelerate their aggressive nuclear ambitions.

Illegal Immigration opening America's borders to the world's non-White indigent tribal filth without requiring screening for background or health. These feral aliens provide absolutely NO redeeming benefit to America: in accordance with their cultures they will breed like rabbits; bleed welfare, and commit violent crimes.

Lest you forget, this is the same GOP that refused to vet Obama as to background, birth, education, ideology, etc. Their refusal was made with full knowledge of the following facts about him:

Highly questionable country of birth.

Radical black anti-American activist and community organizer in Chicago's slums.

Acolyte of anti-American Saul Alinsky who wrote Rules For Radicals.

Mentored for 20+ years by anti-American black radical reverend Jeremiah Wright who made his hatred of our country abundantly clear.

Mentored by anti-American radical Communist and putative father Frank Marshall Davis for much of his adult life.

Indoctrinated into Islam during his formative years by his step father in Indonesia.

Best friends with radical anti-Americans activists Bill Ayers and his lovely wife, Bernardine Dohrn. Both were active leaders of the radical Weathermen who proudly bombed the US Capitol, Pentagon, and several police stations in New York City.

Every personal record is sealed which is consistent with his propensity to amorally and pathologically lie.

Like most of the civilized world that is up on U.S. political news the GOP knows of and is silent about Obama's overt support for radical anti-American groups that include Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Black Lives Matter, and the New Black Panther Party. Likewise they know that Obama has disgraced, disparaged, and apologized for America throughout the world, particularly to his Muslim brethren in Middle East countries.

Actions and Words:

Actions always have and always will speak louder than words. The GOP's direct and indirect support for the aforementioned significant acts and associations of Obama that clearly militate against Americas' best interests effectively enable him to continue destroying traditional American culture and values. Their willful failure to thoroughly vet Obama while knowing his radical anti-American Curriculum Vitae is disgusting, shameful, inexcusable, and expected as usual.

The GOP obviously found nothing of concern or troubling about Obama's background, ideology, actions and associations and accordingly continues to give him their full support with neither opposition... nor even a sheepish baaah. In my opinion their deafening silence speaks volumes and clearly evinces colluding with or meekly acquiescing to Obama for his entire term. Regardless, America is far worse off as a direct result of the GOP's continuing silence and disloyalty.

The previous two sections clearly set forth how the GOP has been 'good for America' and how our country has benefitted from its unwavering support for Obama's acts and edicts designed to destroy her traditions, culture, and values from within as he originally promised.

The Height of Hypocrisy:

Now, however, this stellar group of pseudo patriotic politicians who illegally peddle influence for a living have morphed into 'holier than thou self-righteous America First' hypocrites. They have conveniently repressed their complicity in Obama's destruction of America and are aggressively attacking Trump for everything under the sun including Mafia ties; supporting the KKK and David Duke; failing to timely provide tax returns; having a small penis and hands; a disaster for America, and on and on ad nauseam.

Notwithstanding the merits of these attacks, however, the acts for which Trump is being accused dramatically pale in comparison to those of Obama mentioned herein that the GOP eagerly supported and continue doing so today.

Not surprisingly when the GOP sensed their self interests were at risk they suddenly began caring about America and her citizens by issuing warnings about the evils of Donald Trump and threats to support vile corrupt pathological liar Clinton.

Never forget that the GOP is complicit with Obama in illegally flooding America with and financially supporting the world's undesirable non-White tribal indigent filth, particularly Muslim vermin. Their weak reasoning and justification is 'that's who we are'. However, history clearly evinces that 'they are' Obama's worthless sheep. Interestingly, the GOP fails to articulate the benefits their muslim darlings bring to America... because there are none. They also intentionally omit the fact that the hordes of tribal indigent muslims being shoved down America's throats are the same ilk of filth as those destroying Europe and raping its women and children.

Business as Usual in Congress:

Congress is a well-established toxic cesspool of rapacious, corrupt politicians where lying, stealing, cheating & self-interests have reigned supreme for far too long. Inherent therein is a culture virtually void of individual accountability where the focus is on surreptitiously making self-serving deals with major corporate donors through lobbyists. The unassuming public ultimately funds these donations through paying higher prices for the donor's products. Sweet deal for all of the players except the public, who like the last little piggy, gets none. The pharmaceutical industry is a perfect example of this.

Along Came Trump:

The imminent threat of significant adverse change to one's long established posh life style, albeit through corruption, must be chilling and tense at the very least. It puts their back against the wall where basic human behavior manifests itself in the forms of desperation and self-preservation. Trump's surprising incredible popularity thus far is clearly an imminent threat to the GOP's 'good old boy' network of corruption, lucrative business as usual, and life styles. They know all too well that Trump does not need third party donations and will not play their games of deceit and corruption, whereupon the gravy train of plenty will cease forthwith if he is elected. Hence, the GOP is increasing the flurry and hostility of aggressive ad hominem attacks against him.

On March 1, 2016, self proclaimed GOP big shots Mitch 'Dweeb' McConnell and Obama's butt boy lying traitor Paul Ryan thought they would shock the world by publcily denouning Trump because he was 'ruining the party brand'. Their arrogance and stupidity notwithstanding, the GOP 'brand' is dead and they were active participants in its demise. Furthermore, who cares about them?

The old saying 'desperate people do desperate things' is clearly exemplified by the GOP as its stooges toss excrement against the wall and hopes something sticks. In the final analysis the GOP is comprised of disgusting pathetic sheep that will never be lions.

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