Total Fail: Gowdy Benghazi Report a Congressional Whitewash Holding No One to Account

June 29, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – We had great hopes when the House leadership seemingly capitulating, ended John Boehner’s stonewalling [ass covering] on the matter, and formed the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Subsequently it became apparent that our faith in “the process” was Pollyannaish…we should have known better. The just issued 800 page report is evidence of that misplaced trust and reveals Committee Chair Gowdy to be what we have come to expect from the GOP, a sanctimonious fraud, running a sham investigation.

In hindsight, the only way Congress could have possibly “discovered” the circumstances involving the tragic killing of four Americans on September 11, 2011, would to have had the body appoint a Special Prosecutor who would have had the power to compel witnesses to testify, obtain and serve search warrants and seize physical evidence, such as Hillary’s server.

It appears that Boehner’s tactics were to drag the matter out for two years and then seemingly relent by presenting the public with a Hyundai and telling them they were getting a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 [the fastest production vehicle in the world].

Many of us who distrusted the entire process from the beginning – but wanted to give the “system” a chance to function as House GOP majority represented the matter – had no choice.

Additionally and maddeningly Gowdy excelled at presenting a public demeanor which inspired confidence…here was one smart, hard-ass prosecutor who would get to the bottom of things.

However Gowdy tipped his hand early:

“Trey Gowdy said that the Benghazi Committee’s investigation is not interested in Hillary Clinton’s emails or the Clinton Foundation—a statement that is directly contradicted by Gowdy’s 9-hour deposition of Sidney Blumenthal, in which Republican Committee members asked Blumenthal hundreds of questions about his email communication with Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.” [source, The Delusions of Trey Gowdy's "Fair" Benghazi Investigation, Correct the Record]

Anyone who has studied this matter intensively knows that Hillary is the key to understanding the Libya attack. Of course Zippy Obama would be a far more valuable witness, but barring impeachment, that was not going to happen because he could not be forced to testify. Instead he directed his team to obfuscate and refuse to hand over the thousands of documents which for various reasons he successfully kept from Congress.

Actually Congress already knew the story.

Chris Stevens, the CIA and State were involved in Libya for two reasons; overthrow Muamar Gaddafi and then to ship weapons from that state to various militias, especially in Syria…which of course mostly ended up with al-Qaeda/ISIS type jihadists.

There is entirely too much evidence to conclude otherwise.

Now in order for the president to legally [a term with which he lacks familiarity] run the Libyan operation he had to produce an official intel “finding,” which was done, authorizing “Operation Dark Footprint.”

According to statute, the finding would have required that 8 top members of Congress would have had to have been notified:

Speaker Boehner, Minority Leader Pelosi, House Permanent Select Committee on Intel Chairman Rogers, ranking member Charles Ruppersberger; Senate Minority Leader McConnell, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; along with Senate Intel Chair Feinstein and her Republican counterpart, Saxby Chambliss [see, On Benghazi Intelligence Briefing – Speaker John Boehner: “I don’t recall…” ]

With Congress’ top leadership compromised, Obama was in the perfect position to blackmail into silence whatever action the bodies might have contemplated when things in Libya went South.

Can you imagine the prospect of the majority GOP appointing a Special Prosecutor when Boehner, Rogers, McConnell and Chamblis were essentially part of the operation itself?

This only proves that the GOP deserves the moniker of, “The Stupid Party.”

What Congress had no way of knowing or suspecting was that Dark Footprint meant that exactly. When the Benghazi calamity took place, both Obama and Hillary, with full intent, simply allowed Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, and CIA operatives, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty to be murdered.

As we said at the time, dead men tell no tales…

This can only lead to one conclusion, Hillary Clinton and Obama are guilty of at the very least, negligent homicide, refusing to come to the embattled American’s aid at a time when the military assets were only hours away, though we strongly suspect the presence of at least one armed drone already in theater and actually over the battlespace, providing real-time coverage.

With this much blood on so many official’s hands how could anyone expect a real investigation?

Go Trump, time to drain the swamp and turn the alligators into suitcases.

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