Hillary Clinton’s Amerikkka

June 28, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – On Sunday June 26 a small group of demonstrators, [apparently representing some manner of what is colloquially referred as to as “white power”] who had obtained the necessary permits, were attacked by a much larger crowd of leftist/anarchist revolutionaries [generally grouped under the moniker of By Any Means Necessary] on the steps of California’s state capitol building in Sacramento. Though it’s probably unnecessary to remind readers, the counter-protesters are certainly advocates of the politics of racial/ethnic division but they are never painted as racists or haters whose rights can be forcibly and without apparent consequence, abridged.

The face-off was certainly a mismatch with approximately 350 crazies disrupting a fully legal protest of maybe 30 people.

After speaking, off the record, to members of law enforcement [LE], it seems that in dealing with these types of events which tend to be extremely fluid and potentially violent, the “Thin Blue Line” is assigned a nearly impossible task. Seeing no really acceptable solution, the default position, which is entirely reasonable, is to manage whatever unfolds in such a way as to minimize violence against individuals/property and any threat posed to the surrounding community.

To our knowledge no arrests were made though physical and video evidence is still in the process of being evaluated for possible action – that is not a good sign, illegal behavior must have immediate consequences if societal order is to be maintained.

But the question here really isn’t one relating to LE, but rather will the mere threat of mob violence be used as an effective tool in suppressing political speech as we approach November 8? That the legal protester’s right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech was denied is obvious…the counter protesters simply shut opponents’ event down in a series of pitched battles.

We are especially concerned that the counter protesters did not come to the capital simply to express dissent; they came to physically harm those with whom they disagreed. We noted in at least one situation that a local TV camera crew was assaulted merely for trying to record what was going on – to the chant of “fuck you, get out of here.”

Perhaps more ominously, many of the By Any Means Necessary crowd were geared up in black clothing, faces and heads covered by matching black kaffiyehs [or hoodies drawn tight] as to render them unidentifiable. That they looked very much like your typical ISIS butcher is not coincidental. These people were obviously looking to foment a violent confrontation which is what they got – they are enemies of the state.

The Sacramento riot unfortunately did not occur in a vacuum, it’s merely a continuation of what began, for all intents and purposes with the 2011 Occupy Wall Street [OWS] movement as later seen through the lens of the Ferguson, MO insurrection. For further reference re OWS, please see [William Mayer, Occupy Oakland October 19, 2011, Taste The Madness, PipeLineNews.org and Bay Area News Group's Journalistic Malfeasance Over Occupy Wall Street Coverage , PipeLineNews.org]

After viewing dozens of videos of the affair it’s clear that there was a core leadership of professionally trained revolutionaries, no doubt funded by the same super-rich people whose life work, it seems, is to bring America to her knees.

Similar violence is now the mainstay response by a small segment of the population when it comes to the candidacy of Donald Trump, who has shown remarkable restraint in the face of such obvious intimidation.

Of course Zippy Obama refuses to condemn any of this - actually he is actively encouraging it, having fairly regular contact with the Black Lives Matter racists. Unsurprisingly Hillary has similarly been silent, but then why would the president and presumptive Democrat nominee do anything to silence the Brown Shirts, their own little private guerilla army.

As we have been noting for years, the Marxist/anarchist/jihadist coalition has been gaining strength because those charged with maintaining public order are being asked to address what really is a cultural/societal problem.

When is enough…enough?

The left, under this DOJ, is no doubt in the driver’s seat, they can disrupt just about any event knowing there will be no consequences. The right’s response, so far, has been to whine about the unfairness of it all.

There is a caveat to that, a rather weighty one.

What is developing in the ascending level of political violence is eerily reminiscent of the last days the Weimar Republic, where civil order was allowed to break down, with the antagonists - primarily right vs. left - escalating the street violence until the society descended into a totalitarian nightmare which eventually claimed over 80M lives worldwide.

If law enforcement fails at some point to forcibly put down these actions, the right will have no choice but to protect itself.

Can you say vigilante?


What the left fails to understand is that if things do not turn around the right will come at them hammer and tong and their weapons will not be sticks and stones.

Anyone watching this with a sense of history should know this intuitively.

These lefty wing nuts, in the harsh light of reality, are at their core, children, not the gang of Bolshevik tough-guys, they imagine themselves to be. Typically they’re soft, pampered, cream-puff white college slackers, enraged, sucker punching, inarticulate minorities, illegal aliens and the like and will be no match against even a small cadre of the type of people who will rise to the defense of America if it comes to that.

They fail to realize that having the ability to design a website advocating and organizing violence doesn’t involve the same skill set that would be required to seriously engage a committed well-trained and equipped paramilitary hit squad. Because these clowns have been coddled for so long, they really have no idea what real push-back is and how brutal and nasty these things can get.

We do not want this to happen.

As romantic as “taking to the barricades” might seem to some [thinking perhaps of the Paris Commune] these social misfits have no idea what they are playing with and the consequences thereof.

This is why it is so vital – for everyone’s sake - that the instigators quickly learn the lesson that the patience and respect for due process which moderates LE is not endless.

Given the increasingly politicized nature of the police command structure [NOT the boys in blue out cruising dangerous neighborhoods in their Black and Whites] this may not happen, however the clock is already running.

In that case if the left is allowed to simply shut free speech down there will be a reaction that will be so shocking that it just might shake this country out of its cannabis fogged complacency.

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