BREXIT as a Stand Alone Doesn’t Solve Britain’s Ills


June 27, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – On June 24 the NY Sun published a piece [ A Magna Carta Moment Emerges in the Brexit As U.S. Election Nears ] by economist Larry Kudlow which extolled Britain’s decision to exit from the EU.

While the article is, as is usually the case with Kudlow, well written and reasoned, it fails to acknowledge the potentially lethal danger which still faces the UK and other so aligned Western nations…that being the multi-generational, hence now inbred dependency on governmental services that a significant percentage of the English have acquired.

Complicating that matter is an accompanying sense of entitlement that is now a matter of certitude among roughly half the population of the civilized world.

To the left the belief that government exists for the sole purpose of “giving people things for free,” is dogma and entirely beyond the reach of rational discourse…Marx said it, and that’s the end of the story.

Perhaps more troubling is that probably the majority of the demographic to which we are referring doesn’t appear to be ideological, but yet they have the same viewpoint on entitlements and the need for behemoth governmental bureaucracies which are necessary to sustain them, as the bomb-throwers.

Ok, fine, so the Brits [who are quite literally our brothers and sisters, America having sprung from their loins] voted rather convincingly [52%-48%] to exit the utopian nightmare of the EU.

Kudos are due, especially in light of the unbelievable pressure cranked up by the usual suspects [including a particularly nasty threat delivered by Zippy Obama] who consider themselves the rightful “custodians” of the global economy. So for that the Brits are to be congratulated for demonstrating more than a bit of courage in telling the EU to “go fuck itself.”

But the benefits of escaping EU entanglements, especially the restoration of national sovereignty will by no means “solve” the former empire’s problem because the underlying rot is epistemological; it’s about how the West thinks about itself collectively, how it “knows what it knows.”

Westerners have been conditioned to expect stuff, lot’s of it, and fortunately even with our somewhat creaky system of crony capitalism still intact, iPhones, smart cars, 3-D printers, life-saving medical technologies, etc., are still being cranked out.

There is a kicker though…the stuff is manifestly not free and even though the majority desires these and thousands of other products gratis, someone has to pay.

Enter the notion of Santa Claus government…

Now wanting things for free, or very cheap is part of human nature and hence isn’t something that can be purged from our genome.

Hell if someone offered me a genuine 1965, 427 cubic inch Shelby Cobra free of charge it would be gone in less time than that street monster could go from 0-60. But alas no one has and I really can’t afford the current price point which is far in excess of $1M.

So in that sense my desire is unrequited, but – and here is the crucial difference – any feeling of deprivation or exploitation [none] is severely moderated by the understanding that I am not, as a birthright, entitled to such baubles.

Yet, despite the inequity of distribution, I’m not picketing in front of the local Ford dealership, demanding that since they can’t or won’t give me “my” Cobra, I will “settle” for a 2017 Ford GT [limited production, waiting list, price tag approaching $500k] and call things even.

But this - in a de-minimis sense – is an attitude which exit from the EU can’t possibly fix, because it’s really a cancer of the soul brought about by an inter-generational dependence on expanded services provided by a central government…on someone else’s dime.

Well after the time when BREXIT is finally sorted out, too many Brits will continue to clamor for products which might no longer be free.

Socialist economies fail at the point where Uncle Deep Pockets is no longer able to rob his “wealthy” neighbor, to pay off the debt incurred by his actions, without getting shot.

Thus, the public will lose its chair at the grand banquet, which will no longer exist.

Reading the social media coming out of Britain as well as examining the intricate narrative under which BREXIT was marketed [not a criticism, just a statement of fact] should strike fear in the hearts of those who wish to preserve the West.

People are already loudly complaining about alleged cuts in [or more troublingly, failing to expand] the current level of social services. For example, more than a few voted to separate from the EU under the belief that the “savings” which should ensue from cutting the ties, should ALL go to the UK’s Neanderthal National Health Service [NHS] and when that doesn’t happen these folks will not be pleased.

The mindset of entitlement looms as something of a sacralized Gestalt in the UK [not that similar feelings do not have deep roots throughout the “civilized” world]. This means that though the feeling isn’t actually religious [despite what a foolish and cowardly Marxist pope might think] it has nonetheless become so much a part of the Western psyche that it might as well be considered an addition to the 10 Commandments.

These types of attitudes, though entirely secular are thus held with religious fervor.

Sorry, brief digression, history lesson…

“Europe” has been almost continuously engaged in large scale combat for over 1,000 years, even if one only starts the tally at the time of the Roman Empire. Yes there have been blessed periods of relief, but on the whole these various cultures have been ripping each other’s guts out since antiquity […pssst 1787 is not antiquity].

That does something to the psyche, but more to the point World War I left the UK in shambles, financially broken while having had a little over 2% of its population [1M] killed and another 1.5M wounded, mechanized warfare does take its toll with no apologies. Looked at realistically the British Empire was far less grand than it had been only 50 years earlier.

The subsequent “armistice” ending the war lasted only about 20 years before authoritarians with even nastier weapons plunged nearly the entire world into the most horrific war in history [85M dead, nearly 4% of the world’s population killed at the time].

During this genuine “Great War” most of Europe’s major population and cultural centers were reduced to rubble, farm lands destroyed, the manufacturing base devastated and a hundred other effects, any one of which would prove challenging to overcome.

Fortunately England was blessed with a never-say-die, cheerleading, resolute PM [who had personally seen warfare up close and personal]. That person was Winston Churchill and it’s a serious question as to whether Britain would have survived the conflict without him.

But centuries of accumulated psychic trauma, of never ending conflict had already taken their toll and entirely too much of the public wanted a mommy and a daddy government to take care of them because making their way in the outside world was way too scary.

So, acting on that deep seated impulse and need for order, immediately after the war, in its dubious wisdom, the Brit electorate booted Churchill [one of the most important figures in history if only for his heroics during the Battle of Britain] from office and replaced him with a half-witted socialist, Clement Attlee, who brought with him the rump utopian plan and mindset which now plagues the Continental democracies. [Note, Churchill bears some responsibility due to policies he had supported as an MP, including a statist tinged “Peoples Budget”]

Womb to the tomb, cradle to grave, redistribution of income at levels which were clearly nothing but common theft…all this and more the UK’s voters just sucked up. As a result the cost of providing freebies to this new class of serfs was so great that the economy naturally and eventually stagnated under the strain of so much of the GDP being gobbled up by the government that business activity sharply declined, though it did temporarily enjoy a post-war boom, the so-called “golden age.”

As a rough measure of “indentured servitude,” public spending in the UK for “Social Protection” started at 0.7 percent of GDP in 1900 and has now reached over 15 percent of GDP. [source, UK Social Spending Since 1900].

We can keep the takeaway from this pretty simple; “modern” societies have become trained to expect a certain [and increasing] level of goods and services provided by the central government. The cost of funding such enterprise has to come from somewhere - most reliably derived from taxes on the “rich” and much maligned, corporations.

At some point, and we are very close, the expectations of the public for continued freebies will outstrip any prudent level of taxation…prudent in the sense that one does not kill the golden goose.

When this occurs and as noted above, only a few days post BREXIT we are seeing the whiners, piggies, social misfits, pajama boys and the lazy vent on the various social media platforms about possible loss or reduction of their unearned government dole, serious social dislocation will ensue.

Again, the problem is epistemological…until the voting majority is willing to push itself away from the smorgasbord provided by the producers, BREXIT means very little, except as a hopeful first baby-step towards some semblance of true economic freedom.

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