Ash Carter’s Leftist Scam to Infiltrate the U.S. Military Command Structure

June 21, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – It has always been an element of faith that in the event things were ever to really go sideways in DC [and with Obama furiously stoking some kind of brush-fire street warfare before November this looms ever more possible] with the result being a formal declaration of martial law – for example upon a legal “finding” that parts of the country are in rebellion - that the U.S. military would never follow orders to fire on American citizens.

However with changes recently suggested by Secty Defense Ash Carter, the prospect of the U.S. military engaging - with lethal force - U.S. citizens over an outbreak of hostilities engineered by the Obama administration, let’s say over the issue of firearm confiscation, is no longer unthinkable.

We must hasten to add that as presently constituted our Armed Forces absolutely present no such threat…but that assessment is only as good as long as the traditional military command structure and nature of our volunteer force [down to the trigger pullers] remains as it has been since the inception of the nation.

However the administration is rapidly working to destroy the entire ethos of the U.S. military by changing its basic demographic – in exactly the same manner the administration is using to dilute the European/Western cultural heritage and mores of traditional America.

Breaking the back of the U.S. military’s esprit de corps has been one of Team O’s obsessions since he took office. It has gotten to the point where the “transgender” blenders now seem to have free rein to conduct whatever social engineering experiments they can dream up for the boys and girls in cammys.

This is the DOD chief’s proposal:

“Defense Secretary Ash Carter wants to open the door for more “lateral entry” into the military's upper ranks, clearing the way for lifelong civilians with vital skills and strong résumés to enter the officer corps…” [source, Andrew Tighman, The Pentagon’s Controversial Plans to Hire Military Leaders off the Street , Military Times]

As with nearly everything coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue these days we feel this proposal should have engendered more [some?] opposition from our “See No Evil,” Congress, but the chirping cricket soundtrack seems stuck on permanent loop these days on Capitol Hill.

Carter’s proposal would serve as another Obama Trojan Horse giving the left instant entrée to military ranks as high as Full Bird Colonel, an unbelievable proposition since it often takes the most fully qualified 20 years [and more than a bit of political skill] to become “even” a Lieutenant Colonel. These new people would have zero command experience and given the typical state of civilian fitness and mindset, little possibility of having anything approaching a “command” presence.

That these new “volunteers” would come to the fray with a preconceived hostility to the use of firearms under just about any condition and be pre-wired to see the world in terms of “U.S. imperialism” and “triggering events” is axiomatic.

Given the huge disparity between military pay grades and what similar [especially tech] talent commands on the free market it would seem likely that these jobs would have the most appeal to those with overt political agendas, to whom sacrificing a few bucks [at least temporarily] for a chance to help “transform” the military from the inside might prove to be an irresistible temptation.

The Secretary of Defense’s idea of “lateral mobility,” is absurd on its face, just another transparent scheme by Team O to further undermine American tradition, striking in this case at America’s most essential security force. And – we can talk here can’t we? - does anyone really think that that this administration finds anything sacred about the 0-6 pay-grade? It’s easy to imagine mission creep to the next level, 0-7/Brigadier General and beyond.

Once such a plan would become fixed in place, the old guard of the military, which is already being decimated due to Obama’s ideological purges, would find great motivation to leave the service...can you imagine a grizzled Gunnery Sgt. saluting Col. Zuckerberg?

At an even more basic level, over time such clever manipulation of who can and cannot become a soldier would change the nature of the military so profoundly that no one could be certain that there would never come a time in the United States when U.S. soldiers directed live-fire at American citizens.

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