Eagles of Death Metal Guitarist – Europeans “Surrendering to Death, Already Given it Up”


June 2, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLinenews.org – In an emotional video interview broadcast on the Gavin McInnes Show, Jesse Hughes, the guitarist/vocalist for the Eagles of Death Metal spoke in a tearful stream of consciousness about his remembrances of the night when 89 concertgoers [130 total in the multi-tiered attacks] were massacred by Muslim terrorists at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris [November 13, 2015].

Hughes was raised in the Palm Desert region of Southern California during an era [epoch?] which the progressives [read cultural Marxists] now abhor.

He was involved in scuffles, learned how to survive in a sometimes hostile environmental climate and had experience with firearms, none of which he, at the time considered exceptional…just part of growing up male in a society where the gender did what was [and still is by many, including this writer] considered “normal.”

It was against this background that Hughes poured out his soul on the video - warning, this is PipeLineNews, profanity not verboten.

While we will let Hughes speak for himself, the main thrust of his comments are that the people who attended the concert [young adults mostly] had been societally coddled and force-fed a state approved ideology for so long [since the cradle actually] that the mere sound of gunfire [let alone the report of a high-powered battle rifle such as the AK-47] was sufficient to traumatize them into near catatonia.

One might think that the prevalence of ultra-violent movies, video games and other multi-media content might acclimate even the “culturally deprived” [no exposure to real guns, no fist-fights, no bullying or being bullied, no dead animals killed by hunters etc.] to the reality of the moment at the Bataclan…but of course we know that isn’t the case.

Movie violence is a choreographed Kabuki which bears little resemblance to reality, and even when it actually does cross that imaginary line for some [example, Rob Zombie, House of 1,000 Corpses, anything directed by Takashi Miike or even ISIS snuff videos] it’s still not real life…despite its grotesque/disgusting content you can’t smell the blood nor will you experience the concussion of genuine gunfire AND you can simply turn it off.

Not so reality…

The takeaway here is pretty clear, coddle the young, disarm citizens, encourage an absurd “tolerance” for alien violent cultures where genuine abominations are the norm and when these unfortunates grow into adults they will be totally incapable of resisting evil when it invariably comes knocking at their doors, as is the case right now with the jihadist hijra into Western Europe.

When this happens on a personal level it’s a sad occurrence, when an entire culture becomes similarly “transformed,” it’s tragic, but when we are speaking about Western Civilization, it’s all about endgame and darkness.

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