28 Pages: House of Saud Heavily Implicated in 911 Attacks


July 19, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Declassified and quietly released last Friday [July 15, 2016] was a document which has grown to mythic proportions - within the community still interested in understanding how a massive attack such as that of September 11, 2001 could have occurred in the United States without a lot of outside assistance - the fabled “28 Pages,” which we make available here after having converted it into a searchable .pdf format [download document].

The material contained therein was redacted from the final report during a security review of the larger document on the grounds that the information contained therein was “too sensitive” for the public to see.

In this usage, “too sensitive” basically meant offensive to the House of Saud and the Saudi government.

Upon review, the concern about impacting the Saudis was well justified, as the document easily serves as a layman’s indictment of the troubling relationship between the 911 plotters, their patrons in and out of al-Qaeda, and high ranking members of the Saudi government who were at the time living in the United States…including the Saudi ambassador to the United States at the time Prince Bandar.

Perhaps even more troubling is how all of this activity could have occurred under the noses of numerous administrations and the organizations [DOJ/FBI, NSA and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies] whose job it is to protect the homeland from exactly the kind of mass casualty attack that occurred on 911, without someone having connected the dots, of which there were literally hundreds.

“Now we know why the missing 28 pages on 9/11 were kept under lock and key for 15 years: They show the hijackers got help across America from Saudi diplomats and spies in the run-up to the attacks…A CIA memorandum dated July 2, 2002, stated unequivocally that the connections found between the hijackers, the Saudi embassy in Washington and Saudi consulate in Los Angeles are “incontrovertible evidence that there is support for these terrorists within the Saudi government…’Numerous’ FBI files also fingered two Saudi government employees who assisted the 9/11 hijackers as “Saudi intelligence officers,” the newly declassified documents reveal…[despite continued redactions] the Saudi government’s ties to the hijackers and other al Qaeda suspects were so extensive that the FBI’s Washington field office created a special squad to investigate the Saudi angle.” [Paul Sperry, Yes, the Saudi government helped the 9/11 terrorists, New York Post]

Brief statement of facts regarding a few of the key players in the Saudi’s elaborate plotting - Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Bassnan were two Saudi agents living in the San Diego area who befriended and extensively subsidized Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, two of the 5 hijackers of American Airlines flight 77.

Three bits of field intel gleaned from the “28 pages:”

“Bassnan [identified as a Saudi intelligence officer] also has other ties to the Saudi Movement: Bassnan's wife received a monthly stipend from Princess Haifa [Bandar's wife]. In a recent search of Bassnan's residence the FBI located copies of 31 cashiers checks totaling $74,000, during the period Feb 22, !999 to May 30, 2002. These checks were payable to Bassman's wife and were drawn on the Riggs Bank account of Prince Bandar's wife. The FBI has determined that there has been a standing order on Princess Haifa's account since January 1999 to send $2,000 a month to Bassman's wife." [p. 18]


“The September 11 hijackers may have been in contact with other Saudi Government officials in the United States prior to the September attacks...Saudi Government officials in the United State may have ties to Usama bin-Ladin's terrorist network.” [p 13]


Information [including telephone numbers] derived from the effects of bin-Laden top lieutenant Abu Zubaida upon his capture, provide linkages to the Saudi Embassy in DC and to Prince Bandar's "umbrella company" ASPCOL [abstract, p. 20]

Though the newly released information helps develop a fuller picture of the Saudi intrigue and U.S. irresponsibility in securing the homeland against the global jihad, the basic outline of what took place has been available to anyone willing to read the original source information developed by Congress and about which we have previously commented:

“Most everyone who cares already knows the outline if not the content of the contested documents. But these same people also are aware that the “hush, hush, will he release it?” is the equivalent of the bark absent the bite, the flashbang grenade attack minus the subsequent armed assault and hence folks…It’s all show.

Anyone who gives a rat’s-ass and has taken the time to wade through the Congressional Select Investigation report, that of the official 911 Commission and any one of the excellent books dealing with the matter [we highly recommend Phillip Shenon’s, 2008 work, The Commission. Despite Mr. Shenon’s obvious lefty bias, it’s well written, riveting at times and does a good job of revealing the inner tensions and intrigue which are inherent to such high level enterprises] absolutely knows the close relationship between the Saudis and 911.

Far more intriguing at this point however is the Saudi-Iran connection in the conspiracy which brought down the World Trade Center, scored a direct hit on the Pentagon and - had not the passengers on United Airline flight 93 successfully regained control of the jet to the degree where they were able to crash it into a vacant field, could have flattened the WH - please refer to, William Mayer, CBS, 911 and the Saudis Part II: The Iran Angle - Blackmail?, PipeLineNews.org, LLC [source, WH Claim: “28 Pages” Decision by June?]

Regarding the Saudi/Iran angle we wrote:

"The Iran Connection:

Note - This section is based upon guidance and information provided by a former career intelligence officer with extensive experience in matters pertaining to national security, state-craft and terrorism.

Upon 60 Minutes’ refloating allegations of a 911/Saudi connection - which the program’s key presenter, former Senator Graham, has been pushing in various forms forever - the question arises why hasn’t this weapon been used?

Much of the information appears entirely substantiable, there is indeed a long-known and heavily documented Saudi connection to the September 11, 2001 attacks and all that prevents the release of the “28 pages” is the formal process which is currently underway by the Obama administration, whereby the information would be declassified and become available.

The lack of action is especially difficult to understand…[but]…What could be holding Team Obama back? It’s certainly not a matter of ethics, for which one would have to search long and hard to find examples. No, it’s something which the Democrat party fears might develop – blowback – as a result of re-opening a national wound - though there are potentially more strategic national implications which will be teased out at the conclusion of this section.

Could it center on Obama’s curious relationship with his new found best friend and secret pen-pal, Iran’s theocratic dictatorship, the chief state sponsor of world-wide terrorism?"

So where does this leave us?

Square one, unfortunately or to be thoroughly frank, square one-minus, since fully 15 years have passed since the worst terrorist strike against America in U.S. history and apparently nothing has been learned.

1. We still call the Saudis allies despite that country’s continued funding of terror operations around the world.

2. The House of Saud continues its influence peddling operation within the Obama administration in an effort [welcomed by Team O] to shield Islam from Americans drawing the rightful conclusion that the faux religion is really a death cult.

3. The Saudi’s massive, multi-billion dollar program which is building Wahhabist/Salafist mosques throughout Europe and the United States has actually intensified since 911, thus stoking what the Muslim Brotherhood terms “civilization jihad.”

Though we weren’t surprised in the least, the fact that such a major issue would gain zero traction anywhere in the media [a single article in a few alternative news sources, indicating failure to engage] is still difficult to internalize, even when one knows in advance what the outcome was going to be.

The people [of which there entirely too many] who have such difficulty understanding the movement which Donald Trump is leading, need look only to this sordid affair to see how official DC has not only failed the American people, in many ways it has greased the skids for further depredation by our mortal enemies.

The establishment has failed, the fact that it seems to be proud of that fact is what drives this movement.

Win or lose in November, we will never go away.

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