Dr. Daniel Pipes on Europe’s Choices in the Wake of Nice

July 15, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Daniel Pipes, PhD, President of the Middle East Forum, has produced, jointly with our friends at the Gatestone Institute, a short video outlining three potential responses that Europe might have to the growing jihadist violence which is plaguing the Continent.

We find these types of discussions very helpful as the culture attempts to sort its way through the implications of the mini state of war which now exists between the West and the normative ideology of Islam [jihadism] and which, unfortunately, has become the new normal in the civilized world.

Our greatest fear in regard to these matters is that the West might already have become so sapped by the scourge of cultural Marxism that it will largely be unwilling to defend the culture.

We trust that given sufficient time - and with the jihad now in such full focus – that societies which have been shattered by multiculturalism will awaken from their slumber and rise to their own defense.

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