Jihadist Monster Truck Attack in France – At Least 60 Killed

July 14, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Though events are still unfolding, at least 60 revelers were killed this evening in Nice, France during the celebration of Bastille Day.

Understandably, coverage is racing to catch up with events as they develop, but state security personnel on the scene have already identified the incident as a terrorist attack, though as we go to press, no specific group has yet claimed responsibility.

An eyewitness account:

"…[a]…White truck literally racing through crowds of all ages. People either caught in path or forced to jump onto rocks over beach barrier," witness Andrew Botros, an Edinburgh man who owns a holiday apartment in Nice, told NBC News in a Twitter message. "Some dead. Horrific," Botros said.” [source, Phil Helsel, Becky Bratu and Emmanuelle Saliba, Multiple Deaths Reported After Truck Plows Into Crowd in France , NBC News]

Many news sources are reporting that law enforcement is dealing with multiple hostage situations the exact dimensions of which remain unclear:

“…Ongoing hostage taking, according to a police source,” Edouard de Mareschal, a reporter for the French daily Le Figaro, tweeted in French as translated by the Times. According to the Daily Mail, “it is believed the gunmen are holding hostages in the Meridien Hotel and the Buffalo Grill restaurant … The RAID anti-terror squad has been deployed to the city.” [source, Victor Morton, Dozens killed as truck crashes into Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France, WashTimes]

We will have additional posts on this developing story as conditions warrant.

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