Dutch in Open Revolt - Citizens Violently Resist Elite’s Support of Muslim Savages


January 19, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Though reported in a very limited [and often clownishly biased] manner, the Continent is being turned – upon the arrival of hundreds-of thousands of young, truculent and violent Muslim males – into a minefield, with pitched battles now a daily occurrence between native born citizens and the elected representatives who have foisted this folly upon them.

None involved are showing any sign of dialing it back.

Rather than moderating their position, legislators are doubling down on plans to integrate increased numbers of aggressive, brutal Islamic aliens into Christian monocultures where a way of life developed over millennia is now being threatened.

Yes, of course we are aware that Europe’s church going habits have been on the decline for some time, but it’s beyond argument that their cultural norms and morals remain based up the precepts of both Jewish and Christian ethics.

The West’s entire legal system has been so derived.

We filed two reports yesterday dealing with the increasing gravity of these clashes [see, Special Report: Can the West Survive Rape Jihad? and Euro Civil Unrest Increasing: Dutch City of Heesch Riots Over Forced Settlement of Muslim Invaders ] and today’s posting builds upon those foundational articles.

As reported today by Netherland News [ The Refugee Resettlement Strife, Where did it go Wrong?, NOS.NL] the influx of the “Syrian refugees” has directly led to:

"...increasingly violent clashes between local politicians and residents…[below]…an overview of the azc [acronym for asylum center seekers] meetings where tensions sometimes ran high.”

It turns out that the riots which occurred last night in Heesch, Netherlands [protesters numbering in the thousands in this small town] have now been mirrored in at least 5 other Dutch cities - Purmerend, Steenbergen, Geldermalsen, Ede and Utrecht, where previously the level of strife was minimized to the point of being nonexistent.

Now all of that has changed with protesters, when not pelting security officials with eggs, minor explosives [fireworks], Molotov cocktails and logs, have turned creative leaving dead pigs and huge piles of sand at the refugee centers, or the sites upon which construction for them is now planned.

The people of Europe are of ancient lineage, having developed similar but distinctive cultures forged over two dozen centuries of trial, experimentation, brilliance, feast, famine, degeneracy, plague and no small share of bloody warfare. Hence they have largely been domesticated as compared to their far “less civilized” wildish cousins in the United States where genuinely violent protest [arson, murder, large scale property damage] is tolerated [and even encouraged] to the degree that for some it’s become a way of life.

That is why the prospect of seeing not-so-young, middle-class [most likely politically liberal] people in the streets committing acts of civil disobedience in protest against the Muslim deluge is of such significance; that kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen on the other side of the Atlantic.

The phenomenon brings into sharp focus a looming threat.

Locked out of the process by politicians who have an uncomfortably friendly attitude towards totalitarianism, what are these people to do as they behold an onrushing nightmare?

What “responsible” alternative do citizens have when their governments are condemning them to the slow painful death of being overrun by hordes of Muslim invaders? Do they not have the moral obligation to resist tyranny and cultural suicide by any means necessary including civil warfare?

These are the questions, the answers to which are being hammered out in the streets of quaint cities throughout Europe as the dimension of the threat and the increasingly harsh suppression of civil dissent collide to form a toxic mix.

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