Euro Civil Unrest Increasing: Dutch City of Heesch Riots Over Forced Settlement of Muslim Invaders

January 18, 2016 - San Francisco, CA – – Dutch news sources are reporting that over 1,000 residents of the city of Heesch rioted on Monday evening over the prospect of Muslim asylees being forced upon their community.

“The demonstration [numbering about a thousand protesters] came against the presence of asylees at a reception center in Heesch Monday got completely out of hand…Riot police were pelted with fireworks, eggs and logs… Some protesters unsuccessfully attempted to set off Molotov cocktails but the effort failed…all access to Heesch has been cordoned off…” [source, Demonstratie tegen azc Heesch loopt uit de hand “Demonstration Against Heesch Refugee Center Spirals Out of Control. Law Enforcement Suppresses Protest Under Martial Law,” Omroep Brabant News]

‘Net posting from Heesch protest organizers:

“We are pleased to see that…people continue to show that they are not happy about the arrival of a refugee center. Everywhere in Heesch there are more signs, banners and the like to assist. We also want to show you some worrying reports of things that are happening in AZCs [“refugee” centers] in the Netherlands. So you see that these things are not only happening in Germany or Sweden…” [source, Protest Heesch Refugee Center, Facebook]

Through their protest – and dozens of others like it throughout Europe - these Dutch citizens are proving that the Judeo-Christian ethic will not be put down by the ruling class like a sick animal, it will resist with no small amount of force. If Western leaders continue the mad policy of resettling Muslim invaders under the pretext of calling them refugees, it will not turn out well.

With the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assault by North African Muslim men against over hundreds of women in Cologne, Germany, the issue has been crystallized as only an event of this nature and scale could have done.

Islamic rape jihad has now clearly been defined as the clear and present danger and hence, the face of the enemy in the clash of civilizations.

“Don’t think for a moment that the “nativist/xenophobes” are unaware of this dynamic. One only has to monitor social media for a short time to note the increasing wrath of the people whose ethos built the West [we exempt here of course the university lunatics and their apparatchiks].

If this behavior continues to trend there will be retaliation, violent, nasty and unfortunately, indiscriminate. At that point Western governments will line up in support of the sexual jihadists.

But the fuse has already been lit:

A. For example, a few days ago, when the rapidly growing European group PEGIDA [Patriotic Europeans Against Islamization] conducted a protest in Cologne against the New Year’s jihad, it was forcefully put down by German security forces using mobile water cannons.

B. With the avenues of public redress shut down and law enforcement refusing to act [complicating matters, in what we are led to believe is the democratic socialist, feminist and multicultural utopia, rape is seldom prosecuted if the victim fails to fight back, giving the Islamic sexual jihadists a certain amount of comfort] vigilantism is already taking up the mantle of enforcing moral codes which are at this point implanted almost at a genetic level.

C. In Sweden, three refugee centers were burned to the ground by citizens in less than a week.

One doesn't have to be prescient to see where this is leading, civil unrest on a massive scale and there will be little to stop it until it’s more than run its course. The dislocation that such strife will cause is really incalculable.

The takeaway is that despite their real and imagined faults, men in the West will not stand idly by while their wives, daughters, mothers and girlfriends become immobilized by fear of going out at night...or at all.

Blood - a lot of it - will be spilled.

Civilized governments had better put themselves on notice, if they continue down this mad pathway there is a genuine prospect of the culture tearing itself apart well before the real jihadists are able to deliver a lethal blow.” [source, William Mayer, Special Report: Can the West Survive Rape Jihad?,]

Dutch firebrand politician and leader of the PVV Party, Geert Wilders, is obviously aware of what is taking place. He is on the leading edge of actively opposing the influx of military age Muslim males into Europe and denouncing the policy which has been implemented across the Continent. In order to counter the growing unrest, he is suggesting that the so-called refugee centers should be turned into detention facilities "…as long as our women are in danger from the Islamic testosterone bombs, I propose that we lock the male asylum seekers up in the asylum centres."

Efforts by the media to suppress news of a rapidly growing open rebellion against “The New World Order” are proving insufficient, they no longer have a strangle hold on information as this issue continues to rapidly develop and take form.

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