Iranian Operative - Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr - Executed By Saudis

~ Team Obama Shills for Shia Radicals ~

January 4, 2016 - San Francisco, CA – – On Saturday the Saudi government executed Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, a Shia cleric [from the town of al-Awamiyah, in Eastern Saudi Arabia] who had for years been working with Iranian interests for the overthrow of the House of Saud.

Al-Nimr was a vocal and long time critic of Saudi rule intimating that in a revolution he would be on the “side of the people.”

It was al-Nimir’s desire, in his “yearning for democracy,” to replace the current Sunni theocracy with an even more brutal Iranian puppet state. Al-Awamiyah and the surrounding area is strongly Shia and has been a locus of pro-Hezbollah and anti-government activity. It’s been on an official U.S. Dept of State lockdown status advising against casual travel and the need to maintain situational awareness.

True to form, the Obama administration is castigating the Saudis for acting against a truly dangerous subversive, rather than al-Nimr’s pro-Iranian revolutionary activity.

“We have previously expressed our concerns about the legal process in Saudi Arabia and have frequently raised these concerns at high levels of the Saudi Government. We reaffirm our calls on the Government of Saudi Arabia to respect and protect human rights, and to ensure fair and transparent judicial proceedings in all cases. The United States also urges the Government of Saudi Arabia to permit peaceful expression of dissent and to work together with all community leaders to defuse tensions in the wake of these executions.‎ We are particularly concerned that the execution of prominent Shia cleric and political activist Nimr al-Nimr risks exacerbating sectarian tensions at a time when they urgently need to be reduced.” [source, U.S. Department of State,]

One would hope that the Einsteins at State were cognizant that the “sectarian” tensions between Shia and Sunni Islam have been in existence since Islam’s earliest days, but that might be expecting too much given the cant of this administration and its bureaucratic handmaidens.

Predictably, Iran is throwing an official fit, threatening words from the Ayatollahs and its civil service functionaries as well as thousands of protesters in the streets along with the obligatory “Death To _____” signage.

Al-Nimr was a well known commodity, identified for his ties to Iran, within the American intelligence service:

“Al-Nimr, a former follower of the late Ayatollah Mohammad al-Husseini al-Shirazi, now follows the religious leadership of Iraqi Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi al-Mudarrasi, the Karbala-based spiritual leader of the Islamic Action Organization. In the meeting with PolOff, al-Nimr complimented both Ayatollahs for being leaders in combining the power of the mind with the power of the Quran in determining guidance for public life. Al-Nimr described his and al-Mudarrasi's attitude towards Islamic governance as being something between "wilayet al-faqih," in which a country is led by a single religious leader, and "shura al-fuqaha," in which a council of religious leaders should lead the state. Al-Nimr, who conducted religious studies for approximately ten years in Tehran and "a few" years in Syria, [source, Meeting with Controversial Shi’a Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr, August 23, 2008, WikiLeaks]

By his actions and associations Al-Nimr was a culturally significant theoretician of jihad:

“Al-Modaressi was the leader of the Iran-based Islamist paramilitary organization, the Islamic Action Organization (also known as Islamic Amal). The Organization was conceived of as a ‘secret revolutionary avant-guard’ to spread Khomeini-inspired revolution throughout the Arab world. Al-Modaressi was chosen to lead the Organization by Ayatollah Khomeini. It was responsible for numerous actions in Iraq in the 1980s including suicide bombings. In 1980, the Islamic Action Organization sought to assassinate Iraq’s deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, which helped precipitate the Iran-Iraq war.” [source, WikiPedia]

The overwhelming preponderance of the Western media is covering the story according to a pro-Iranian, anti-Saudi template.

It should be apparent that there’s a lot to criticize about the House of Saud but another narrative is becoming clear in the press coverage of this event. It harkens back to the first days of the so-called “Arab Spring,” under cover of which Obama installed a Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt [later overthrown in a military coup] while destabilizing the rest of the Muslim world.

One should remember that, at the time, this was done with the adulation of the MSM in full display. The same scenario is playing out now. Google Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr or Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and note the thousands of pages of lockstep coverage, certain evidence that the media fix is in again.

In reality, within the Ummah as it’s now constituted, Saudi Arabia is as close to a liberal government and Muslim ally as the West is going to get. However this administration is using the Egyptian model to undercut the House of Saud, the only stabilizing force within the region. Why this is happening is inexplicable; it certainly doesn’t serve the interests of the United States or the West or really the Muslim world which is on the verge of total implosion.

Is Obama a closet Shia? Is it coincidental that his most trusted advisor Valerie Jarrett just happened to have been born in Shiraz, Iran?

Questions such as these might have seemed preposterous just a few years ago but given this administration’s foreign policy tilt towards Iran’s Shia government, this type of speculation is no longer unfounded.

What we can say is that whatever his motivation, Obama has unapologetically strengthened Iran’s hand in international affairs to a degree which would have seemed impossible before this team came to town.

In that sense the President is conducting himself much along the lines as would be expected of a Shia mole and determining his base motivation is pointless – functionally he is just what he appears to be.

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