The Neo-Ottoman Turks, ISIS and Global Jihad

January 1, 2016 - San Francisco, CA – – A brief history lesson…on March 3, 1924 the Turkish National Assembly [under the administration of Mustafa Kemal, nee Atatürk] abolished the Ottoman Sunni Caliphate which had existed since the Middle Ages [ 1362, reign of Murad I]. Known for their military prowess and pathological cruelty, during much of their 500 years of influence, the Ottoman Turks were duly feared from North Africa, through the Balkans into Asia.

Defeated by a naval force raised by Europe’s Christian princes - the sea battle of Lepanto [1571] - and decisively turned back as the Siege of Vienna was broken [by a smallish - cavalry heavy - army under command of the Polish King, Sobieski] in 1683, the Ottoman threat slowly receded until its ignominious garroting by Atatürk in the events following the Empire’s final military defeat during World War I. [“ I put the ax in the dual root of this sinister and reprehensible theory of government by destroying the Khalif and the Sultan .”]

But dreams of empire are never far below the surface in Islamic cultures since in theory, a land once conquered remains forever under claim despite subsequent military or political developments. For example, Spain having suffered hundreds of years of occupation under the Muslim “Moors” [the Umayyads] is often, even contemporaneously, still referred to as Al-Andalus.

“The Islamic religion contains within it a deep assumption that a land conquered and settled by Muslim becomes part of an inalienable Islamic patrimony, a waqf; should it then fall under non-Muslim rule, that is an unnatural and intolerable circumstance that eventually must be reversed.” [Daniel Pipes, PhD., Dreaming of Al-Andalus, Middle East Forum]


“This is not the first time al-Qaeda leaders have referred to the Iberian Peninsula as occupied Muslim territory to which the commandment of jihad applies until it is liberated and Islamic rule is imposed there. On 29 September 1994, Osama bin Laden wrote to Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia: ‘All in all, we request of Allah...that the [Islamic] nation should regain its honor and prestige, should raise again the unique flag of Allah on all stolen Islamic land, from Palestine to Andalus, as well as Islamic lands that were lost because of the treachery of leaders and the helplessness of the Muslims.’" [source, Ami Isseroff, Al-Qaeda: The Next Goal Is to Liberate Spain from the Infidels , Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Vol. 7, No. 16 11 October 2007]

With ISIS in ascension throughout Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries the idea of a caliphate is no longer theoretical, a fact most certainly not lost on Turkey’s Recep Erdoğan, the country’s now apparent, “President for Life.”

It was under Erdoğan that Turkey “Went Bad” starting with a turning away from secularism and, “then with increasing velocity since mid-2011,” the emergence of a nascent police state.

Complicating things is the fact that since 1955 Turkey has been a member of NATO, a relic of World War II, but one still carrying some weight, witness the Obama/NATO takedown of Gaddafi’s Libya, an effective but spectacularly stupid foreign policy move when nothing was really called for. Perhaps further investigation into Hillary’s e-mail scandal will reveal a true cause and effect between her actions at State and the best interests of Sidney Blumenthal.

Now a one party, one man state, Turkey has become Erdoğan’s vehicle in resuscitating the grand empire…and he has been busy, buoyed by an almost total lack coverage by the Western media.

Two items bear interest in this regard, the so-called refugee crisis and the robust financial health of ISIS.

“Erdogan now behaves as an Ottoman Sultan. It is now via Turkey that Europe is importing hundreds of thousands of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan asylum seekers. During October 2015 about 210,000 refugees arrived on the Greek islands near Turkey…the Islamists in Turkey do not at all object to the gradual Islamization of Europe. It is part of their agenda. They are very close to the anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood. The Turks tried to conquer Europe before, but were fortunately stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683, after a siege that began in 1529. They referred to Vienna as “The Golden Apple.” [source, Emerson Vermaat, Turks Blackmailing the European Union While Jihadists Pose As Refugees ,]

Huge profits are being made by Turkey’s human traffickers, and nothing of consequence happens anymore under Erdoğan. If the Exodus also serves his intent to resurrect the glory days of the Ottomans, so much the better.

Knowing how useful such a tool would be against the West, it was Erdoğan who provided safe harbor to millions of “asylum seekers” since the start of the “refugee” crisis in 2011.

“The number of refugees and asylum-seekers in Turkey in 2015 is expected to rise to nearly 1.9 million, including 1.7 million Syrian refugees. UNHCR will continue to work closely with the Government of Turkey to support protection measures and facilitate access to public services and assistance available to both Syrian urban refugees and non-Syrian people of concern.” [source, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees]

The refugees were subsequently released, at first as a trickle, then as a human wave on an unsuspecting Europe, trans-shipped from Turkey to Greece, then smuggled North into Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and finally into Central Europe.

Erdoğan then skillfully played his gambit against Germany, the final destination for many of the asylum seekers as well as the chief roadblock preventing Turkey from becoming a full member in the EU.

“On Sunday, Merkel said that the deal provides the refugees “better living conditions such as the right to work and the EU’s financial support for schooling.” She also explained that “since Turkey is hosting well over two million refugees and has received little international support so Turkey has a right to expect the European Union and its member states to help with mastering this task.” Merkel’s rationalization strains credulity…Not only is Erdogan using the refugees as a pawn, but he also supports ISIS playing both sides against the middle. Last week Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark accused Turkey of facilitating ISIS oil sales. In 2014, Vice President Joe Biden was forced to apologize to Erdogan for accusing Turkey of training and equipping ISIS. However, leaked documents have proved that the Turkish intelligence agency has shipped weapons to terrorist organizations in Syria under the guise of humanitarian aid. [source, Sam Nunberg, Europe Surrenders to Turkey's Erdogan on Refugee Crisis , Brietbart News]

In the same way Pakistan's ISI [Intel agency] created the Taliban, there is a similar argument that without Turkey, ISIS wouldn't present nearly the threat it does, or possibly wouldn't exist at all:

Turkey's Islamist government has had rational reasons to support discreetly its own Frankenstein monster: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)...The Turkish government believed that investing in ISIS (and its brothers in arms such as Ahrar ash-Sham and an-Nusra Front) would facilitate the downfall of Syrian president Bashar Assad, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's friend-turned-nemesis. They miscalculated, and thus began Turkey's own Frankenstein story. [source, Burak Bekdil, Turkey's Double Game with ISIS, Middle East Forum]

As to the question of an ISIS-Turkish partnership regarding the distribution of oil there can be no doubt. It has been voluminously documented, largely due to the efforts of the Russian military, appearing all over YouTube. As shown in our lead image, Virginia State Senator Richard Black has also researched the ISIS/Turkish nexus regarding oil and has come to the same conclusion as has Russian intelligence.

For leftist doubters [not to mention bilious trolls] we offer the following, state approved analysis:

"For months, the Western allies have pressured Turkey to close its porous border, which has allowed thousands of jihadists to cross into Syria to join the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, and has enabled ISIS to smuggle in weapons and smuggle out oil on which it relies for revenue. [source, NYT Editorial Board, Turkey's Drift from NATO]

What impediments have been placed in the pathway of ISIS have largely come at the hands of Kurdish forces, whose efforts to close ISIS’ Turkish-Syrian border gap – through which the oil is transported - have been repaid by hundreds of bombing runs conducted by Erdoğan‘s air force which so far has managed to keep the backbone of the alliance with ISIS intact.

It should come as no surprise then that Obama refuses to meaningfully arm the Kurds, since throughout his presidency this CIC has demonstrated more sympathy with jihadists than for the security of the West.

We cannot help but lay the entire blame for this state of affairs at the foot of this WH. Erdoğan’s scheme would have had no chance of succeeding in a pre-Obama world, if only because the shards of an utterly defeated AQ in Iraq would not have been allowed to metastasize into ISIS.

Barring a turning away from business as usual in DC, Erdoğan’s plan to re-establish a neo-Ottoman dynasty continues unabated.

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