Obama’s FBI, the Muslim Brotherhood's Puppet


February 29, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Under the thumb of Barack Obama, the FBI has become a joke, more interested in creating smokescreens to shield Muslim Brotherhood types from prosecution than protecting the security of the United States.

Since the day the slick talking community organizer [with a tree sized chip on his thin shoulders] took the oath of office he has relentlessly engaged in a slash and burn program of censoring the official language of Washington on matters pertaining to Islamic terrorism.

The effect has been to expunge any negative reference - in governmental communications as well as instructional materials - to Islam. Thus Mr. Obama has strong-armed the federal government into a policy of strict Shari’a compliance, enforcing the ideology’s “blasphemy” codes [in turn making it the de-facto supreme fiqh council of the United States] which expressly prohibits [under pain of death in Muslim majority nations] "insulting Islam or its Prophet, Mohammed."

In this parlance, telling the truth about jihad [one of many banned words] equates to insulting Islam.

There is a very long tradition within classical Islamic jurisprudence establishing the parameters and penalties for blasphemy, which the Obama administration seems to have largely adopted in spirit.

Consider the following Hadith, from a collection assembled by one of Sunni Islam’s most revered scholars Muhammad al-Bukhari [circa, 820 AD]:

“The Prophet said, "Who is ready to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf who has really hurt Allah and His Apostle?" Muhammad bin Maslama said, "O Allah's Apostle! Do you like me to kill him?" He replied in the affirmative. So, Muhammad bin Maslama went to him (i.e. Ka'b) and said, "This person (i.e. the Prophet) has put us to task and asked us for charity." Ka'b replied, "By Allah, you will get tired of him." Muhammad said to him, "We have followed him, so we dislike to leave him till we see the end of his affair." Muhammad bin Maslama went on talking to him in this way till he got the chance to kill him.” USC Center for Muslim Jewish Engagement, Sahih al-Bukhari 4:52:270]

While a potential death sentence is not…yet…part of Obama’s Shari’a enforcement program, severe penalties for infractions have already been imposed, absent any kind of judicial proceeding, a feature even classical Islam thought essential to such serious charges.

For example, in the areas where questions regarding these matters most often arise, within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense, especially the American war colleges, careers and reputations have been destroyed in star chamber proceedings as have the means to earn a livelihood by genuinely knowledgeable instructors who refused to kowtow to the government’s enforced ideological line and were therefore blacklisted, not exactly a great resume enhancer.

Acting as chief defense counsel for the CAIRs of the world, Obama is following the dictates of the stealth jihadis and their allies. These revolutionary Muslims have never been timid about making demands, having gamed the 9/11 attack by their co-religionists into a cloaking device of sorts via the absurd construct which they call Islamophobia – a phenomenon that doesn’t exist.

This isn’t a new process as these internal enemies are quite bright and obviously bold, such as this 11 year old example from the Muslim Public Affairs Council [MPAC, the Islamist “good cop”] in 2005:

“Counter-terrorism and counter-violence should be defined by us. We should define how an effective counter-terrorism policy should be pursued in this country. So, number one, we reject any effort, notion, suggestion that Muslims should start spying on one another…” [source, Investigative Project on Terrorism, The Islamic Society of North America]

Despite the absence of CAIR or ISNA’s bellicosity, MPAC is indeed a serious antagonist to Western principles, as terrorism expert Ryan Mauro has written:

"The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the group that Clinton addressed, was founded by Hassan and Maher Hathout, two brothers that were imprisoned in Egypt for their membership in the Muslim Brotherhood. Hassan Hathout called himself a “close disciple” of the Brotherhood’s founder and said they came to America to spread the “Islamic Movement” inspired by him." [Ryan Mauro, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Clarion Project]

On February 14, 2012, the full force of the Islamic hammer fell, as planned by Team Obama on the FBI:

“(Feb 14, 2012) In a continuing effort to address concerns related to inflammatory training material, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently met with community and interfaith organizations to provide an update on steps taken by the agency to rectify the matter. On Wednesday, February 8, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the Arab American Institute (AAI), Interfaith Alliance, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Muflehun, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)…had an opportunity to discuss the matter with the Public Affairs Office of the FBI. Director Robert Mueller joined the meeting to discuss these matters with the representatives from the organizations. [ ISNA & Nat. Orgs. Meet with FBI Dir. to Discuss Biased FBI Training Materials , a page from the Muslim Brotherhood front group ISNA’s website, which has been curiously removed and can now only be found on the Internet Archive Project, see screenshot in end-notes, an effort to preserve the information]

Which brings us to DOJ’s new “Countering Violent Extremism” initiative, a laughably titled project, “Don’t Be a Puppet,” which proves that the Islamists have been entirely successful in defanging the DOJ’s former Pit Bull, the FBI, against which the Council on American Islamic Relations infamously counseled “Build a Wall of Resistance.”

Under the leadership of James Comey [a close pal of ex-fed prosecutor/lefty partisan witch hunter, Patrick “Scootergate” Fitzgerald] his much, much better than new FBI simply pretends that terrorism no longer exists. No, it’s been magically transformed and aggregated under the nebulous heading of “violent extremism” - which sounds kind of like what happens at your average National Hockey League match, enraged, out of control brutes knocking the stuffing out of each other…leaving blood, snot and teeth on the ice.

In pursuit of the “Countering…” program the FBI has constructed a juvenile, flash animated website, posing the following questions:

What is Violent Extremism?

What are Known Violent Extremist Groups?

Who Do Violent Extremists Affect?

Why Do People Become Violent Extremists?

How Do Violent Extremists Make Contact?

Where to Get Help

Exploring each of these yields the realization that this type of violence is far better described as it was traditionally before the Obama putsch…terrorism, but then again that word too has been banned from DC’s official lexicon, because…oddly, it has become somewhat indelibly associated with Islam.

Who are the “violent extremists”?

Well there are two categories which the FBI seems to conflate as posing equal threats.

Alongside “international” extremists, al-Qaeda and ISIS etc., we find those of a domestic nature: “Militia Extremists, Sovereign Citizen Extremists, Abortion Extremists, White Supremacy Extremists, Anarchist Extremists, Animal Rights and Environmental Extremists.”

The manner in which the “Don’t Be a Puppet” website defines al-Qaeda defies belief making it appear to be a righteous anti-colonial organization, “It seeks to free Muslim countries from the influence of Western countries and attacks Muslim nations that don’t agree with its version of the Islamic religion.”

We must note that though the site lists the obscure Kahane Chai, a tiny, nearly extinct Jewish group [which using the thought process of Israel’s Muslim Arabs should really be seen as a defensive organization] whose last act of terrorism occurred over 20 years ago, Boko Haram, Jamaat e Islami, the Taliban, Tablighi Jamaat, al-Nusra, etc., which collectively have and continue to butcher tens of thousands are absent.

Under this heading there are two other really glaring omissions, the Muslim Brotherhood, modern terrorism’s progenitor and its evil spawn, HAMAS. Having more than a fair understanding of the internal politics of DOJ we will unhesitatingly state that these two groups were intentionally passed over.

Actually the content of the site is almost too stupid for comment, since it’s an undeniable fact that the overwhelming majority of global “violent extremism” [i.e., terrorism] is being perpetrated not by a smorgasbord of religious groups but by only by the disciples of Allah.

Paging through the site one can’t help but conclude that it disingenuously piles inanity upon inanity, with the intention of making it impossible to define the enemy as it is, Islamic terrorism or simply jihadism.

On another section of the site, the FBI makes a ground breaking discovery in social pathology, that violence might actually be linked to hatred.

The mind reels…

One entry makes the gravidly mendacious declaration that, “Violent extremists sometimes twist religious teachings and other beliefs to support their own goals.”

Isn’t it great to have an FBI director who is also an imam?

If it were not for this stroke of good fortune – Director Comey’s ability to interpret the Qur’an [a skill set surprisingly not found anywhere on his CV] - some bigoted fool might get the impression that there’s a genetic linkage between Islam and terrorism.

Please keep in mind that while the FBI is wasting resources trying to delude the American public into rejecting the idea that terrorism and Islam really are inseparable, Americans are being slaughtered, well over 1,000 active domestic ISIS cases are said to be under “active review” but are actually languishing and the CIC is engaged in a process of releasing al-Qaeda terrorists from GITMO whereupon they invariably and almost immediately resume leadership positions in the global jihad.

If one genuinely “Wants to Make America Great Again” [we most assuredly do] it would be difficult to find a better place to start than sacking the entire command structure of the FBI [along with every single U.S. Federal Prosecutor], restore genuine factually correct training pertaining to the deadly threat posed by Islamic jihad across the entire breadth of the government and thus return the investigatory group and DOJ to some semblance of its former glory.

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ISNA screen grab

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