Of Charwomen and the Death of Conservatism


February 28, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Little Billy Kristol’s knickers are all knotted up, ditto those of C. Krauthammer, G. Will, R. Lowry, B. Shapiro, Rove & Co., D. Limbaugh, Murdoch, Megyn [Butch] Kelly, ad infinitum.

This is the type of list whose length is dictated more over concerns about developing carpal tunnel syndrome rather than any lack of potential scalawags.

Though these are people who make their living writing, speaking and thinking about political matters it’s not at all clear that many of these Einsteins understand that the West is racing towards a very dark place. As a matter of fact it seems to be an article of faith among them that no such threat could possibly exist, that absent any hard work on their part, the flag of Fortress American will forever wave.

Instead, seeing a direct challenge to their continued role as gatekeepers of the true faith, lately these folks have engaged in an incredibly divisive war against “non establishment” GOP candidates, one of whom is clearly the party’s front-runner.

The Rich Lowrys of the world do this while trying to maintain, now against significant public pushback, the sole right to select who will be allowed to join the inner clique and thus enjoy all of the perquisites which ensue, the Georgetown parties, the inside briefings, respectability as opinion makers and of course, a platform from which to become wealthy.

Though it was once rote teaching from the now bygone days of civics classes that there is a participatory role played by the electorate in choosing official nominees, absent the imprimatur of DC mafia, candidates who favor true reform, regardless of qualifications are viewed suspiciously as dissidents and generally don’t make it near the main stage.

Consequently most of the potential rabble-rousers are long gone – winnowed out - even before the first nip of fall is in the air.

This is a microcosm of how the larger DC country club works; just about anyone on the inside can drop a dime on applicants in private, or now increasingly and with an amazing amount of rancor, in public.

With the election of Obama and subsequent failure of the GOP to put up even token resistance a sense of dread is replacing the optimism that used to be part and parcel of the party’s pitch. Most outside the Beltway want no part of this unprecedented failure of leadership.

This ill wind comes upon the growing realization that conservatism as practiced over the last 100 years has been a failure. Its sole success has been in fighting with varying degrees of vigor - and a paucity of scalps on the wall - holding actions across the culture.

But with every artery staunched, two or three more are opened…the other side having become possessed by Marxism to the point of requiring exorcism.

Doubt that?

Please list the great conservative successes keeping in mind that “winning’ a war or political battles entails keeping them won. This isn’t baseball, the dead seldom come back to pitch their next spot in the rotation.

You can say Reagan won the Cold War, which is true, as far as it goes [additionally there were many complicating factors, the invasion of Afghanistan being particularly significant]. Yes the old Soviet Satellite nations are gone, and in their place self governing republics have taken hold, but Russia is at least as dangerous today as it was under the last of the old guard, and it is once again physically threatening what used to be called the Warsaw Pact.

Vlad Putin is a very serious man; he’s a far more capable leader and adversary than were those cast in the mold of Leonid Brezhnev and Yuri Andropov. Putin is erudite, Brezhnev was a knuckle-dragger. Putin is thoroughly westernized, understands the media and uses it to his advantage whereas Brezhnev resembled a gorilla any time he got within 10 feet of a microphone or television camera.

Oh…and Putin still has his finger on the nuclear trigger and is exponentially expanding Russia’s tendrils across the Middle East including arming Iran to preclude the possibility of its nuke infrastructure from being taken out.

The point being, fleeting victories don’t count and it is here where it’s hard to picture a less successful modern political ideology.

Another way of saying this is that conservatism works well…until it doesn’t.

Classical [post Enlightenment/Reformational] conservatism is the foundation upon which Western Civilization rests but it has an Achilles Heel the size of Manhattan…it’s a totally defensive/reactive ideology.

Q. How does one win long term when you are forever locked into a siege mentality?

A. You can’t, assuming you were foolish enough to allow it to progress to that point in the first place. Historically, the walls of the castle served as a fail-safe, the final point of a desperate defense not the initial point of engagement. Prudent military policy dictates that one attacks the enemy from outside these confines.

What is needed now, and what the Trump candidacy represents is in soft focus a reactionary strategy [a turning back of current policies and practices] and in the hardest of light a revolutionary [turning back accompanied by breaking things] ideology, no pejorative intended.

The edifice of cultural Marxism which our side has allowed to be woven into the fabric of this society must be rooted out, destroyed and replaced with an alternative that is constantly vigilant.

In short the culture must be wrested from those who now control it and in that role conservatism is worthless, the equivalent of feeding yourself to the alligator part by part in hope of satiating him.

As Goldwater said in a time long forgot, “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!”

The truth about DC insiders is that to all of them from the punditocracy through minor and major political candidates - which includes every presidential aspirant now running excepting Ben Carson and Donald Trump - they see themselves as a hammer and to them every problem therefore looks like a nail.

They profoundly misunderstand and/or completely discount the degree to which revolutionary sentiment is necessary to sustain this republic, especially now that it is in perhaps the most serious crisis of the modern era.

Let us caution that we are talking about a type of revolution which is still within the rules of the game for without the rule of law America is simply a banana republic with a lot more concrete.

Step outside the blinders…

Afraid that Obama will succeed in his mad rush to complete his agenda, including placing a Marxist on SCOTUS to replace Scalia?

Sorry pard, Ted Cruz ain’t gonna be able to fix that if it happens to materialize. He lacks boldness and is wedded to the Marquis of Queensbury rules of engagement. Despite his sanctimonious bombast the Teddster is no bomb-thrower.

But…it might just occur to an outsider that Congress has the power to reorganize the federal court system and act accordingly. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination of those whom we elect. For example the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is not only the largest Federal Court in the land, it is also notoriously of a hard left bent which is why so many of its decisions are ultimately reversed.

Largely it practices junk law.

Congress has the right to abolish the 9th Circuit and should seriously consider it as the judiciary is the left’s real seat of power. If you really want to stir things up maybe throw down the FDR gauntlet, pack SCOTUS with right wing activist judges. What’s the point of “conserving” bad law?

Simply suggesting expanding SCOTUS to as many as 15 members gave FDR the leverage to shift the politics of the court leftward, allowing the National Labor Relations and [the open ended utopian monstrosity] the Social Security Acts to be declared constitutional, when by right neither finds sustenance within our founding document.

Interested in really cutting “government fraud, inefficiency, waste and abuse?” Want to genuinely return decision making to the local level?

No politician cut from the flim-flam cloth of a Marco Rubio will ever even consider bulldozing the EPA or Department of Education; however, an audacious outsider might find such a prospect impossible to resist…a shot through the bow, not over or across it.

Aren’t we tired of conservative tokenism, holding actions and then tactical retreats in preservation of smaller and less defensible enclaves?

This used to be called outside the box thinking but in reality it’s just looking at problems with a set of fresh eyes, of which there are none in DC.

The truth is that DC, NYC and the other centers of power in the U.S. exist for one reason, to extend their hegemony. Their entire productive capacity is keyed to serving themselves to whatever they want.

A subset of those who claim to be the intellectual heir/enforcers of conservatism, those with political or social clout, the talking heads such as Mr. Krauthammer, rather than representing some rightly guided historical sense of orthodoxy, instead have been greatly influenced by the inertia of progressivism.

This is what causes them to dismiss the lethal possibility of a culture torn asunder demographically in not only averting their eyes from the process but in welcoming teeming hordes of greedy illiterate alien trespassers with open arms, oft times based upon the misperception that the resultant moderation in wage rates makes for a good economy…or worse under the belief that the bad guys of the world will suddenly love us.

In short the modern establishment conservatives doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the poor charwoman, her lowly station in life and any fading expectation of tomorrow being a brighter day, at least for her children.

The compromising nature of the GOP and that of the so called conservatives have produced, almost in an ideologically correct Marxist dialectical manner, the antidote.

Donald Trump…because for better or worse, you better pray your ass off that he is given the chance to engage the left directly in hope of at least starting the process of “Making America Great Again” because at this stage of this very deadly game, if that sentiment fails so does the West.

America is unique, if it goes down it will never be resurrected again.

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