A Spiteful And Psychopathic Obama Tries To Start World War III

December 29, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – As we noted in this space yesterday, the Obama administration, still reeling in the wake of November 8’s carnage at the polls, is going to extraordinary lengths in an effort to sabotage the incoming administration while at the same time attacking in an unprecedented manner our closest Middle Eastern ally, Israel:

“Obama has proven himself to be a truly petty and vengeful man post Hillary’s November 8 fiasco. He feels [and was] personally rejected by an electorate that he must have thought adored him and is now striking out like some piteous beast being sucked ever more deeply into quicksand, incapable of avoiding the inevitable but not going down without causing as much havoc as possible.” [source, Obama Unchained, PipeLineNews.org]

Today, in a move that had been telegraphed at least 48 hrs previous, the President moved to “reprimand” Russia, expelling what the administration first called “diplomats” and then quickly realizing the shambles that term made of its argument, referred to as “operatives” within the United States, allowing them 72 hours to “get out of Dodge.”

Obama takes this action based on the tattered false flag it has continuously been waving about.

Not-so-surprisingly, this afternoon the FBI and the DHS released a report that alleges to provide proof of Team Obama’s charges and therefore justification for Obama's behavior.

We look at, with great suspicion anything coming out of this administration, especially the FBI and DHS both of which have been demonstrably politicized over at least the last 8 years.

Beyond acting in a matter designed to curry favor with Obama or worse, upon his actual direction, the just released report really contains no proof; the inclusion of a few lines of code are unconvincing and we find it amusing that the agencies which have been continuously penetrated since Obama came to town are now all of a sudden so breathtakingly competent that they can sort the needle from the intel haystack. Yet, the FBI and the CIA continue to refuse to provide a classified briefing to what would be an emergency session of Congress. The reason? This isn't any "evidence" to support Obama's childish antics, it's horse shit spread about by people who know they are above the law.

That Team Obama’s computer network has been a sieve since he came to DC, is beyond argument, for example in a SINGLE data breach in 2015 [this one attributed to China, absent any visible form of retaliation] over 20 M records were stolen from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

In substantiating that claim we turn to the New York Times, no friend of the right:

“The Obama administration on Thursday revealed that 21.5 million people were swept up in a colossal breach of government computer systems that was far more damaging than initially thought, resulting in the theft of a vast trove of personal information, including Social Security numbers and some fingerprints.

Every person given a government background check for the last 15 years was probably affected, the Office of Personnel Management said in announcing the results of a forensic investigation of the episode, whose existence was known but not its sweeping toll.

The agency said hackers stole “sensitive information,” including addresses, health and financial history, and other private details, from 19.7 million people who had been subjected to a government background check, as well as 1.8 million others, including their spouses and friends. The theft was separate from, but related to, a breach revealed last month that compromised the personnel data of 4.2 million federal employees, officials said.” [source, Julie Hirschfield Davis, Hacking of Government Computers Exposed 21.5 Million People , NYT]

Nearly 8 years into Operation Street Thug, Obama has, to our knowledge announced nothing in the way of reprisals against the literally thousands of successful attacks against the U.S. government’s data networks.

In another example we find that the IRS was hacked in 2014

“In January 2014, Get Transcript launched on the IRS website. The application enabled taxpayers to view and download their transcript or order previous years of tax filing information. On May 26, 2015, the IRS announced it had discovered that cyber criminals -- using taxpayer information stolen elsewhere -- accessed the Get Transcript application on IRS.gov. The IRS identified approximately 225,000 taxpayers whose transcripts had been accessed or targeted. In August 2015, the IRS announced it had identified approximately 390,000 additional taxpayer transcripts which had been access or targeted - which brought the total number of hacked accounts to 615,000.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration conducted a nine-month long investigation looking back to the launch of the application in January 2014 for additional suspicious activity - which led to the amended reporting of approximately 700,000 hacked accounts to date.” [source, Steve Morgan, IRS Reports 700,000 U.S. Taxpayers Hacked And 47 Million 'Get Transcripts' Ordered , Forbes]

In 2015 we find that the private emails of the Director of Central Intelligence [John Brennan] as well as the DHS secretary [Jeh Johnson] were both hacked, apparently by a U.S. teenager!

“The personal emails of two of the highest-ranking national security officials have been hacked. Those being CIA Director John Brennan and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.
An anonymous hacker has been bragging about breaking into the accounts. Now, multiple law enforcement sources have told CBS News the breaches actually occurred.” [source, Jeff Pegues, CBS News]

We could continue identifying particular agencies and/or persons for dozens of pages but cutting to the chase, every single government entity that is part of its leaky data network has been penetrated innumerable times.

Question: Should those found guilty of these crimes be punished? Of course, but a suspiciously small number have been so charged, mostly because, in exactly the manner that the Fed views firearms infractions and immigration law, it simply doesn’t care. Prosecutions seldom occur and convictions can be counted on one hand.

The foregoing should make obvious the fact that over the last week the lame duck Obamunists are near psychopathic in their rage over having lost an election they thought they had in the bag. As a result they are doing everything in their power to scuttle the incoming Trump administration in an act of pique so brazen it’s beyond the realm of historical precedence.

In democratic countries, ballots are used to prevent the hail of bullets which inevitably ensue when the popular will is ignored for too long. The U.S. has had 44 peaceful transitions from one administration to the other, some after bitterly fought campaigns amidst plausible charges of corruption…it’s how we do things.

Not so with Team O, whom we predicted well before he was elected in 2008, that he was a new breed of politician, a Marxist street thug, very possibly a Muslim and undeniably a party who viscerally hated the United States. We put nothing past him, he is liable to do anything.

Obama’s actions over the last week would under normal circumstances be grounds for impeachment and removal from office, but since Congress is out of session and led by GOP pussies, the mere thought of push-back has already been rendered moot.

Obama, the would-be-king, remains monstrously dangerous. He has three more weeks during which there is little to constrain him and he is acting in a manner that would land him in a mental hospital for a 48 psychiatric evaluation, were he a “commoner.”

But Obama is anything but common which forces us to caution our readers to keep their powder dry as the prospect of martial law is now a distinct possibility.

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