The Anti-Trump Pushback


December 23, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - – Regarding politics we have no illusions, things are never what they appear to be and at least to some degree [excepting President Elect Trump for the moment on the grounds that he hasn't yet taken office] we believe in the age old dictum, “never fall in love with a politician because he will always break your heart.”

Perhaps Mr. Trump is different but we come to the table on this issue with the expectation that it’s impossible to please every supporter or for any single man, to decide every issue correctly, it just isn’t going to happen.

When it comes to such matters, the worst player among America’s relatively few number of CICs has been Hussein Obama who knowingly set out to defraud hopeful American voters, duping them into believing that he genuinely wanted to build a post racial presidency, when in fact he had every intention – and largely succeeded – in dividing the nation in a manner not experienced since the “unpleasantness” between the North and South some 150 years ago, which of course was not Abraham Lincoln’s fault.

The election of Trump is without parallel in American history; never to my knowledge has someone simply come from outside of the non-political class to claim the golden ring, so predicting how he will approach the Oval Office is really impossible, but not so the opposition which will operate as it has done historically, the kleptocracy that runs America will continue to expect the special treatment that is the preserve of insiders, be they business, political, entertainment or whatever.

These people are used to getting their way and in the most general sense of the word do not by definition represent much of a structural threat to the continued health of this society, though companies like Boeing which insists that selling advanced aircraft to Iran makes great business and swell political sense are spewing horse shit…and of course this is not singling Boeing out as it is by no means the only example of crony capitalism.

So, much of crony capitalism is in some sense really kind of politically neutral, Boeing would be just as happy to sell its jets to the EU or Brazil. As long as the cash flows the company’s management is happy, as are the company’s stockholders. What we mean by this is that these types of transactions are generally not ideologically driven; the only genuine bottom line for this level of player is for it to retain its elite status no matter what.

There is however a caveat here, in that to the extent that these private/government relationships become hereditary in nature, i.e., for example when Boeing always gets the contract regardless of the merit or cost of its products, therein lies the danger because it removes the most elemental aspect of capitalism, that of competition, a kind of economic pluralism where all bidders have an equal chance to secure lucrative contracts, the breakdown of which can be extraordinarily dangerous to Western liberalism.

It's an inarguable proposition that the American cultural establishment has for decades been tacking left, either intently dragged by the type of ideology described by Antonio Gramsci, or, as has been the case with the now discredited “conservative” movement, allowed to drift in that direction through a succession of micro-compromises with evil because of the theory’s basic defect - its accommodative nature.

In the first case one need look no farther than the legacy media and the Democrat party as proof, both of which have become captive to a progressive/Marxist ideology that is directly in conflict with the ethos that has driven the West since the Enlightenment and Reformation.

While we have no idea how a President Trump will approach his trillion dollar infrastructure initiative, we absolutely know what the leftist/Islamist/media coalition will do.

As a simple example we just received a note from our “buds” over at, the headquarters of which is within half an hour’s drive from where this writer sits.

As is usually the case regarding MoveOn, every day represents an opportunity to fundraise upon some concocted issue or fatuous narrative and to these folks Trump has already proven to be a gold mine of opportunities; we can think of at least a dozen campaigns that involved the organization begging for $3 here or $5 there to stop him at various stages of his campaign.

Consider the appeal that just arrived in our inbox:

“Trump Declares War On MoveOn

Dear MoveOn member, Donald Trump and his henchmen are now attacking MoveOn.

Reince Priebus, Trump's incoming chief of staff, reacted to Electoral College protests by telling "Fox News Sunday" that "harassment from groups like and the Democratic Party should stop.” We knew the moment he said it because there was an immediate spike in online abuse aimed at us...Donald Trump and his allies aren't just pushing the standard Republican threats of repealing the Affordable Care Act, overturning Roe v. Wade, and giving a huge tax break for the 1%. They have declared a war on truth itself…”

How objecting [we are not aware of any Trump statement or Tweets that specifically single out the group by name] to parties making outrageous assertions that Trump is somehow Russia’s version of the Manchurian candidate absent a shred of proof constitutes a declaration of war is hard to fathom, unless of course you are among the MoveOn’s true believers, whose lack of acuity on such matters makes one hope that they are being maneuvered away from sharp objects for their own good.

MoveOn aside - part of George Soros’ perverse-isphere - we turn to the American media which has been populated by lefties for the better part of a century.

The news print media has been dominated for a very long time by the New York Times which immoderately touts itself as being the “newspaper of record.” Actually within the criteria established by the legacy press, that claim is true, in that publication sets the tone for its fellow travelers, if it’s front-page, above the fold, the content will be mirrored by innumerable lesser periodicals and of course heavily promoted by the electronic media.

To the credit of the organization however, articles published by the Times are seldom less than excellently written and almost always skillfully edited.

However, the debit side of the Times’ ledger is anything but enviable because since at least the 1930s it has served as something of the progressive’s ambassador without portfolio. If a news item can be spun to America’s detriment, count on the Times to do it well.

It has often occurred to this writer that if I were somehow allowed to teach college level journo [anathema!], the entire coursework could be devoted to an analysis of how the Times works on a day to day basis.

I can think of at least two examples which demonstrate this proposition:

First, consider the Old Gray Lady’s current obsession, attempting to convince its [dwindling] readership that there is a direct link between the Trump electoral win and Russian computer hacking. Never mind that there is simply no evidence supporting that claim and that its most vocal official advocate, John Brennan’s CIA, has simply REFUSED to brief the requisite Congressional Committees to substantiate its wild allegations.

Despite the reticence of America’s most well known spy outfit to present its brief, the Times has been running with the story for months, for example this steaming bowel of Yellow Press journo, Donald Trump: The Russian Poodle written by one of the newspaper’s stars, Nicholas Kristoff.

Now the most basic problem with this is that Kristoff’s charges are kind of silly on their face as well as being totally unsourced, but moreover his veracity in such matters has been impeached in such a way as to cast him as something of a Democrat butt-boy…consider WikiLeaks: New York Times Caught Providing Bill Clinton Questions Before ‘Interview.’

But this weaving of a tall tale really does constitute a great lesson in how the Times’ and its acolytes operate and therefore would prove very instructive in a class setting, even one devoid of judgment, i.e., simply observing how the journo gears mesh.

Second, why all of a sudden has linkage, real or otherwise to Russia [or in its previous incarnation the Soviet Union] served to be a damning indictment within the Sulzberger orb of the Fourth Estate?

Historically it was, as a matter of fact, an enviable and laudable association.

Here we turn to - again within our imagined [cake eater free, unsafe zone] classroom atmosphere - what remains perhaps the most shameful episode in 20 th century journo, the case of NY Times’ reporter Walter Duranty, a Pulitzer Prize winning NYT star reporter, albeit one who might well have actually been a Soviet intelligence asset, but in any regard, eagerly engaged in covering up Stalin’s murderous purges during the 30s to make communism look good.

"Short, unattractive, hobbling about Stalin's Moscow on a wooden leg, Walter Duranty was an unlikely candidate for the world's most famous foreign correspondent. Yet for almost twenty years his articles filled the front page of The New York Times with gripping coverage of the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. A witty, engaging, impish character with a flamboyant life-style, he was a Pulitzer Prize winner, the individual most credited with helping to win U.S. recognition for the Soviet regime, and the reporter who had predicted the success of the Bolshevik state when all others claimed it was doomed. But, as S.J. Taylor reveals in this provocative biography, Walter Duranty played a key role in perpetrating some of the greatest lies history has ever known…Duranty dismissed other correspondents' reports of mass starvation and, though secretly aware of the full scale of the horror, effectively reinforced the official cover-up of one of history's greatest man-made disasters." [source, executive summary of S.J. Taylor's, Stalin's Apologist: Walter Duranty: The New York Times’ Man in Moscow ]

This is how the left works.

Though the term “fake news” is now omnipresent, it’s not a phrase that will ever be seen on these pages, aside from instances such as this where it is dissected. The fact is that the media has always been and will always be biased. It comes with the territory since people cannot really escape the way they look at the world and that will to some degree always be reflected in what reporters write.

There are a couple of additionally complicating factors in what has so inelegantly come to be represented as fake news. The first of these is that over at least the last century-and-a-half, the number of newspapers have plummeted. In the mid 1800s there were thousands of robust local newspapers; in fact just about every sizable town in America had not only multiple competing brands but morning as well as evening editions of the same publications. Written media was omnipresent, the electorate was saturated in it. Now of course the cost of publishing hard copy newspapers is prohibitive, it’s nearly an impossibility to build a winning business model relying on advertising and subscriptions. It’s just too expensive a proposition.

Hence there are mega newspapers, the NYT, WashPost, LA Times and a few others and that’s it. The remaining “local” newspapers have very few correspondents out in the field as it’s entirely possible to physically publish a paper with no reporters at all. The trick is you simply use the AP wire service [comically biased to the left] and then run feature items picked up from the big guys, with maybe some local items thrown in, many of which come from biased press releases by do-gooder activists such as the Sierra Club et. al., a classified section and of course, the obits.

Stripped to the bone, physically all you need are an editor in chief, a copy editor, access to printing services and a delivery mechanism. Of course such a publication would stay in “business” only as long as the publisher was willing to eat red ink.

So with power concentrated to this extent, there is no tail to wag the dog, so the inertia of where the legacy media is at ideologically today, is pretty much here to stay. These people would rather, as the NYT is doing, turn their publishing operation into a REIT by subletting 8 entire floors of its flagship headquarters to stay marginally afloat rather than actually try to be a bit more balanced. Theirs is a secular religion, it is not going to change, ever.

Now for the final complication we will deal with, the nature of the reportorial mindset. Why do people go into journo? Given the realities of today it certainly isn’t to make money as salaries for entry level positions are barely above subsistence levels. No, reporters go into the business for the same reason people become missionaries, they want to change the world and since the world is basically what's left of tradition, what they really want to do is tear the mother down and rebuild it, using skewed information as their weapon of choice.

Ahem...though we have a slightly unsettled feeling that this article has meandered a bit, we hope to pull it together at this point, much like they do in recording studios the world over. When something goes a little sideways at 4 o'clock in the morning during the last few notes of "take 39," the chief engineer looks at the talent, the talent looks back at the chief engineer who then breaks into a foolish grin and says, “no problem, we’ll fix it in the mix,” a solution which oft-time works.

In a month Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States and there is nothing the media, the Democrats, MoveOn, George Soros or any of the assorted other knuckleheads who have tried to move heaven and earth to prevent this from happening can do about it.

…no, do NOT go there…

From this point on there will be an increasingly shrill effort by America's proto-Bolsheviks to delegitimize Mr. Trump and block his initiatives [sometime with the help of GOP traitors such as the Bobsy Twins, McCain and Graham]. You can almost imagine it, spoiled malcontents pulling fire and brimstone from their well-worn sack of nasty things. Already there are promises of hundreds of thousands of anti-Trumpists marching on DC intending to obstruct the inauguration. Once in town they are planning to erect a Trump version of a "Hooverville" upholstered in rip-stop nylon on public land within eyeshot of the WH. In general, if it's edgy, whacked out or just childishly spiteful, the idea becomes a sigil, a magical counter-cultural symbol in what is approaching the dimensions of a spirit war as the then President Trump will try to implement, against the flow of contemporary history, his promise to restore the nation to its rightful position as the only global superpower.

Perhaps the best we can hope for given the nature of progressivism/Marxism - which is to foment a never-ending revolution - is that the Trump push-back largely stays non-violent. Aside from that rather bleak fall-back it’s impossible to see where this is headed except for the fact that the next 4 years will be unlike anything we have ever witnessed.

It could be fun, it could be truly horrific we will just have to let her roll and try to manage the craziness as it develops, as this period of time will be unique within the American political experience.

Hate to say it…we can hardly wait…

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