A Cartoon Response: Muslims Occupy European Catholic Churches During Sunday Mass


August 2, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Sometimes images carry far more impact than the written word. They take a quick detour around the rational brain and head deeper into the psyche where they are consumed whole rather than suffer the parsing which takes place at less primitive levels of thought - hence the following illustration which captures the dire state of Western Civilization in Europe, referenced most recently in our Monday piece [ENOUGH! - Muslims Intimidate Catholics During Mass in France and Ital, PipeLineNews.org].

A number of years ago a gifted cartoonist operating under the pen name of Gregorius Nekschot scandalized Holland with his razor sharp pen. Sadly, he has since “retired,” sick of having to constantly be on the move to avoid the consequences of the hundreds of credible death threats directed at him by the Netherland’s bellicose, unaculturated, 10th century Muslims. Fwiw, the Dutch government showed almost no interest in protecting Nekschot’s right to freedom of speech, which is now only given lip-service in the once classically liberal country.

Nekschot targeted two groups, natives of the Netherlands whose multiculturalism had approached comic proportions and the country’s ever angry [mostly North African] Muslim immigrant population, which has laid waste to the culture, aided, no-doubt by the media’s refusal to cover the issue.

Under the spell of a multiculturalism so perverse that it approaches pathological, the native Dutch seem oblivious to the permanent damage being done to their culture by aggressive Muslim outsiders, bent on a political takeover, and it is in that spirit that we offer the above cartoon, translated from Nekschot’s native Dutch as our final commentary on Sunday’s outrageous invasion of Catholic churches by Muslim’s clutching wilted olive branches…

Note the depiction: The goofy smile, childish faith and obvious act of submission of the sacrificial lamb as he approaches imminent slaughter would be amusing if it were not such an accurate portrayal of the sad state of modern Europe.

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