WH Claim: “28 Pages” Decision by June?

April 26, 2016 - Washington, DC - FreeFireZoneBlog.com – Former Senator Bob Graham [D-FL] who chaired the Senate Special Select Committee investigation into intelligence failures regarding the September attacks - which generated an 800 plus page report - [the 911 Commission - Co-Chaired by Thomas H Kean and Lee H. Hamilton - produced its own nearly 600 page “official” 9/11 Report, itself largely a creation of the Commission's Executive Director, Philip D. Zelikow, a confidant and long-time associate of Condoleezza Rice*] figured prominently in the recent CBS production 28 Pages.

Graham has been alleging nearly forever that 28 pages of evidence tying 911 to the House of Saud were withheld from the 911 [Kean/Hamilton] Commission for reasons which should be obvious.

Recently Graham has gained a new champion – of sorts – Representative Adam Schiff [D, CA, 28th Dist], a genuine lunatic who seems to be the embodiment of Bush-Derangement-Syndrome. So scrambled is Schiff that if one didn’t know better, you might think him to genuinely be in the grip of rabies, lacking only the full frothy-mouth effect.

On one of the Sunday talking head - newsvertorial – television programs this last weekend Graham announced that the Obama White House was indicating that it would come to a decision regarding the declassification and release of the [purloined] documents which have been under review for an undetermined amount of time, by June.

This 28 Pages kerfuffle, is typical of DC paper chases.

Most everyone who cares already knows the outline if not the content of the contested documents. But these same people also are aware that the “hush, hush, will he release it?” is the equivalent of the bark absent the bite, the flashbang grenade attack minus the subsequent armed assault and hence folks…

It’s all show.

Anyone who gives a rat’s-ass and has taken the time to wade through the Congressional Select Investigation report, that of the official 911 Commission and any one of the excellent books dealing with the matter [we highly recommend Phillip Shenon’s, 2008 work, The Commission. Despite Mr. Shenon’s obvious lefty bias, it’s well written, riveting at times and does a good job of revealing the inner tensions and intrigue which are inherent to such high level enterprises] absolutely knows the close relationship between the Saudis and 911.

Far more intriguing at this point however is the Saudi-Iran connection in the conspiracy which brought down the World Trade Center, scored a direct hit on the Pentagon and - had not the passengers on United Airline flight 93 successfully regained control of the jet to the degree where they were able to crash it into a vacant field, could have flattened the WH [please refer to, William Mayer, CBS, 911 and the Saudis Part II: The Iran Angle - Blackmail?, PipeLineNews.org, LLC]

So as this mini-drama unfolds remember that revealing the elephant that is already clearly in the room provides little in the way of illumination, excepting that such large, uncomfortable and somewhat forgotten truths still have the power to shock a public with the attention span of a child.

As to political fallout, assuming this does happen - which we think is highly unlikely – who knows? The matter can be spun in a dizzying array of ways designed to serve a multitude of constituencies, especially those of an anti-Bush, ant-GOP nature as America heads towards the polls in November.

*Regarding Condoleezza Rice:

We hear suggestions in some quarters that if Mr. Trump does indeed manage to fight off the political establishment and becomes the GOP nominee [after the hazmat teams have notified next of kin, tagged & bagged the bodies and mopped up the remaining blood and gore at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Center, the “Q”] that high on his “A” list of potential VP candidates should be Condoleezza Rice, Bush 43’s primary national security advisor and later - after Colin Powell’ snit-fit stepping down as Secretary of State - the 66th person in U.S. history and the first African American woman to hold that position.

Looks like a job for the wayback machine:

Before her public service career, Rice was an academic, an expert on the Soviet Union, which even at the time was faltering.

With that background, Rice’s CV for the extremely important positions she would later hold has always been in question since the Soviet Union ceased to exist post 1991. This in effect made Ms. Rice the equivalent of a professor of dead languages, perhaps intriguing in its own right but monstrously out of step in a new world which was witness to the rise of Islamic terrorism as the chief national security threat to the United States.

As is the case with many academics Rice tended to view everything through the lens of her area of expertise and from all we can determine was pretty stubborn in shielding “W” from the nature of the threat posed by al-Qaeda.

We wish to be very clear on this point…we do not ascribe to the notion that 911 came as a result of Bush’s inattention to world events, hell he was only in office a scant 8 months before the attacks and the Democrat Congress was actively blocking the new administration’s every effort to even build a team.

For those who don’t remember those peculiar times, the rancor over losing the WH to Cowboy Bush in a controversial election was so high that WH staffers – incensed over Bush’s “appointment by SCOTUS” over the winner of the popular vote Al Gore – actually removed the “W” characters from computer keyboards as a way of venting their spleen and sabotaging the new comer.

Back on topic - point of fact, Bill Clinton, advised by the same Richard Clarke and Sandy “Burglar” Berger, was unable to pull the trigger when presented with numerous opportunities to kill Binny over a period of 8 years vs. Bush’s 8 months, again, a time where we cannot more highly stress was complicated by the nature of the 2000 election and the whole Florida “hanging chad” suit/countersuit mess.

During the Clinton presidency, the CIA, according to Michael Scheuer, who ran the bin-Laden [Alec] Station, produced several operational plans targeting bin-Laden, but the political leadership failed to act [for another angle on the matter see our 2004 piece, Janet McElligott, The Clinton Administration and the "Non" Extradition of Osama bin-Laden - the True Story , PipeLineNews.org LLC].

We find it confounding that with her less than stellar record on the word stage as a diplomat why Ms. Rice’s name has again surfaced; perhaps it’s just further evidence of why Mr. Trump is surging, the political class being almost entirely devoid of ideas. It seems that merely taking into account the reality of the situation, specifically the association between the toxic Bush and Rice, suggesting her as VP would be a non-starter in any context. To those making these silly suggestions perhaps it’s time to hang the spurs up because the approach that didn’t work 15 years ago most certainly will not work now.

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