Merkel Moves to Jail German Comedian over Poem Lampooning Turkish President

April 9, 2016 - San Francisco, CA – – German comedian Jan Böhmermann is looking down the barrel of a possible 3 year sentence after a live on-camera reading of a naughty poem about Turkey’s ISIS facilitator, President Erdoğan.

Böhmermann hosts a television program, Neo Magazine Royale, and in his March 31 performance accused Erdoğan of having “a small penis,” “fucking goats,” “fellating sheep” and “watching kiddie porn while beating Christian girls.”

According to Deutsche Welle, "It could be a violation of section 103 of the criminal code: insulting organs or representatives of foreign states." Across Europe the pall of censorship - banning non-ideologically approved speech – is palpable. For example in the Netherland’s MP Geert Wilders is facing a similar prosecution merely for suggesting that there are too many Moroccan’s in Holland.

Böhmermann’s show is wildly popular with younger Germans who have grown tired of a society which has become a parody of classical liberalism. That Böhmermann is facing much the same legal challenge as his far less abrasive Turkish wielders of the pen should provide a trenchant backdrop to the ongoing investigation and the considerable controversy which it has aroused.

In perhaps a more potent attack on Deutschland’s “Schafe Kultur,“ is Neo Magazine’s “Be German,“ a deft commentary on the bizarre and cyclical nature of recent German history, from Naziism to Euro-normalcy through today’s totalitarianism of forced, “be nice.“ All this is scored against a Rammstein-esque metal dirge in which German’s riot, chanting "we’ll come for you in socks and sandals, reserving your sun loungers with our towels, vegan sausage in our bowels...“

Though the video is seen by some to be a negative commentary of the new nationalism, it’s really a far more nuanced, multi-faceted blade which seems to primarily direct its rage against the complacency of the modern German state which is crumbling and under siege by an unprecedented deluge of Muslim “refugees.”

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