Germany Breaks Euro Spell: Massive Rejection Of Muslim Invaders Taking Place

September 14, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – It didn’t take Europe much time to start breaking apart the myth that multiculturalism is anything but a suicidal ideology.

As we noted yesterday, Germany Blocks Muslim Invasion, Deploys Troops At Border , 24 hours ago Germany became the first major power to impose border controls, staging security personnel and armed military at check points. A single day passes and now it seems like the rest of Europe is hastily running away from the prospect of accepting what the media calls “refugees” but which are in reality Muslim invaders from Syria and Iraq intent on conquest.

Joining Germany now is Austria, France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands in hastily constructing some form of border control and/or detention centers.

Of course the MSM has its panties in a bunch of historic proportions, offering dire warnings, name calling and leveling accusations cautioning against the possibility of sanity breaking out across the Continent.

The legacy media, the media ancien in truth, seems particularly ired that its normal propaganda techniques no longer seem to have the effect they did in the past. The reason for this is really quite simple; the electorates of the various countries involved are seeing, up close and personal, mobs of nasty, combative Muslims of military age descending on their countries like the locust storms of Biblical antiquity, intent upon simply subsuming the native populations.

Feel-goodism is theory...these people are finding out, but in reality it often proves to be deadly and fraught with negative implications for future generations.

Some of the headlines:

  • Europe pulls up the drawbridge to refugees as German border closure sparks domino effect
  • EU 'Radical' Refugee Detention Program In Italy, Greece Supported By European Leaders
  • Migrant Crisis and Refugee Quotas Divide E.U. Ministers
  • Hey Europe: Call Them Refugees (Not Migrants)!
  • Syrian refugees' window for a storybook ending in Europe may be closing

Storybook ending?


Well, yeah…sure…assuming the book you are reading is the Qur’an.

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