Germany Blocks Muslim Invasion, Deploys Troops At Border

September 13, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – Germany, whose Chancellor, Angela Merkel had as recently as 48 hours ago been extolling the wonders of “multiculturalism,” has just closed the country’s borders in response to an unprecedented wave of Middle Eastern Muslims descending Europe. Thousands of security personnel including German soldiers are now stationed at checkpoints around the country to block the jihadist Hijra and deal with the mounting protests.

As part of this effort, Germany, the largest economy in Europe, has “suspended” for an indefinite period of time, the Schengen Agreement which in 1985 codified a policy of free migration into the European Union.

Leaders of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union [CSU] - the antipode of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union which manages the affairs of Germany’s other 15 states – have savaged the Chancellor over the mounting social unrest.

“CSU politician and former Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich [called the decision to allow this scale of asylum an] "unprecedented political mistake." Friedrich's fellow party member and Bavarian Finance Minister, Markus Söder, shared similar sentiments…"if more people migrate to Germany this year than are born here, that will affect the cultural statistics of a society." [source, CSU denounces Merkel's refugee policy as a 'mistake', Deutsche Welle]

Many Germans have already taken to the streets in protest of the Muslim influx, though unsurprisingly most media sources are reporting “overwhelming” support for the “immigrants.”

“Germany is once again in the midst of massive anti-immigration rallies...Around 10,000 members of PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against Western Islamization) marched through, Dresden, Germany, where the group was founded. The crowds decried the tidal wave of migrants coming to Europe and, in particular, the arrival of Muslim refugees en masse in Germany.” [source Germany Faces Anti Immigrant/Pro Migrant Stadoff, RT News]

In the Dresden area, protests turned violent as local police were pelted with thrown bottles and other objects as the civil disturbances have gained inertia. One will note in the linked to NYT article that the author, in what has become a standard journo practice, is calling those who believe in the sanctity of German culture, “right wing extremists” which in media-speak places them on the level of ISIS.

Whether common European citizens will ultimately have a say in this worsening crisis remains unclear, however for the time being the so-called “right-wing” German voters have carried the day while at the same time administering a slap-down of the Chancellor and her government.

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