Hungarian Bishop Defies Francis, “It’s A Muslim Invasion”

September 11, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – On Monday, Hungarian Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, in what is being widely viewed as “an extraordinary rebuff,” challenged Pope Francis’ decision that it’s the moral duty of Catholics to “absorb” the horde of Muslims who are descending on Europe.

"’They're not refugees. This is an invasion,’ said Kiss-Rigo. ‘They come here with cries of 'Allahu Akbar.' They want to take over. Europe is being overwhelmed by non-believers posing as refugees who pose a serious threat to the continent's "Christian, universal values," he said.

The bishop is not alone in his doubts and fears on the wave of Arabic-speaking foreigners crossing into European borders. Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban also sees the flow of migrants as a threat to predominantly Christian Europe. [source, Andre Mitchell, Pope Francis is wrong in appealing for aid to sea of refugees; this is actually a Muslim invasion of Europe, says Hungarian bishop , Christian Today]

What the MSM refuses to tell its audience is that these aren't just helpless people leaving a war torn area. 75% of the “refugees” are young men of military age, they are entering Europe as conquerors, shouting “Fuck you, Allahu Akbar” and are extremely combative.

What they are fleeing are the repercussions of their own beliefs and actions.

Driven by the hateful ideology of the Islamic Shari’a, most Muslim countries are festering hell-holes and now, in a massive display of hubris, expect Europe and the West to take them in, knowing that down the road they will try to ruin their new host countries in the same way they destroyed their homelands.

We absolutely know that ISIS is using this crisis to infiltrate its mujahideen into the West to wage jihad and the Pope is either seriously misinformed or as we determined a long time ago, he is a Marxist intent upon destroying traditional Christianity.

There is no middle ground, we are involved in a religious war with Islam whether we like it or not.

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