Springtime For Hitler, Jihadists And Germany

September 9, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Though the invasion of Europe by Muslims fleeing the ME continues unabated there is little in the way of skeptical curiosity about the phenomenon on the part of the legacy media.

What coverage there is typically identifies the squatters-to-be in an idealized manner, poor, nearly angelic wretches displaced by an ugly war for which the U.S. is to blame because it destabilized Iraq.

On universal display is the type of judgmentalism always seen when the topic involves the destabilization of the West.

To the media, the rights of those living in the civilized world, yes the societies largely comprised of citizens, historically of European extraction and thus irredeemably Caucasian are always trumped by the rights of Third World types.

As they view it, the government scribes and talking heads have no problem with welcoming [as long as it isn’t in their own little gated and cloistered community] the very people who have turned their respective countries into bleeding shit holes and now want to escape the Bedlam.

These journos see no reason why that process shouldn’t continue in their shiny new European homes.

One typical bit of AP doggerel on the matter is instructive:

“Szabo, like many in this socially conservative land of 10 million, says he doesn't understand why they've come.”If they couldn't solve their problems back where they live, why do they think they're going to be able to solve them here?" Szabo said.

Such lack of sympathy is a striking feature of the massive march this summer from Turkey through southeastern Europe. Many of the trekkers interviewed by The Associated Press say their worst experiences have come in Hungary, where farmers hiss at them in disapproval and the government leaves their care mostly up to unpaid volunteers.” [source, Shawn Pogatchnik and Alexander Kuli, Migrants finding little sympathy in Hungary for their plight , Hastings Tribune]

Though given the equivalent of a swift kick in the ass by the Hungarian “rubes,” [official] Germany is welcoming the Islamic conquistadors with the type of affection one might see expressed for a long lost sibling or parent.

“Germany’s leader is determined to fundamentally change Europe’s most ordered, advanced and democratic population by adopting millions of Muslims from the chaotic, undemocratic Middle East.” [see, Neal Munro, German Chancellor Says Migrants Should Fundamentally Transform Germany , Breitbart]

Of course in the Muslim influx Chancellor Merkel sees future socialist voters - tied to free and totally unearned social benefits - as well as a labor block which will serve as a damping force on wages, much the way both the Democrat and Republican parties view the Hispanic deluge, but is that all?

Unfortunately for the people who live in what Rush calls RealVille, Germany has a history, much of it inglorious.

Seventy-six years ago this month Germany, Nazi Germany to be exact, started World War II by invading Poland. When the conflagration was officially over about 80M people had been killed and much of the developed world was in cinders.

Combined with its role in World War I, Germany rightfully carries an enormous moral burden which hopefully will never be expunged because the country seems to have learned nothing in the ensuing 3/4s of a century. The increasing presence of a belligerent German anti-Semitism accompanied by a re-kindling of neo-Nazism are now so pervasive that it has become commonplace.

As the New York Times sees it:

“Attacks on synagogues are an almost weekly occurrence, and openly anti-Semitic chants are commonplace on well-attended marches from London to Rome. And yet it is here, in Germany, where the rise in anti-Semitism is most historically painful.”

Into this mix we now throw hundreds of thousands of almost genetic anti-Semites, the Middle East’s Muslim lumpenproletariat fleeing the consequences of its own Islamic ideology of hatred and conquest.

The German government’s embrace of the swelling ranks of an unarmed jihadist army pouring out of Iraq and Syria shouldn’t be surprising. We feel that at some elemental level the German Gestalt is entirely comfortable with those who carry such a pivotal piece of Nazi ideology deep inside them.

When these newly minted Islamo-Germans start exercising their political rights they will find a populace that all too complacently will fall into line, perhaps imagining the frightful “glory days” when the earth shook at the mere mention of the Reich.

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