Western Civilization Threatened By Muslim Invasion

September 8, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Ten years ago Tony Blankley, a [brilliant] policy wonk for President Reagan and press spokesman for then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, wrote a book based upon what seemed at the time to be an improbable set of propositions, the sum of which ended in the Islamization of the West.

Briefly, Blankley’s hook for the work was that Muslims [first in the UK but quickly then across Europe] became incensed over artwork featuring nudity or sexual content, demanded its removal. The public protests which ensued quickly turned bellicose, stoked by Muslim leaders who sensing their power, demanded greater and greater cultural concessions be made to the point where the movement even crossed the Atlantic where an enterprising presidential candidate seized upon the idea of “Shari’a for America.”

The rest is predictable…

But it appears that in this case, the past is indeed prologue.

Reality is now trumping fiction with the spectacle of hundreds-of-thousands of Middle East Muslims [mainly of Syrian or Iraqi extraction, though it’s reported that Turks too are involved] are attempting to – in many places successfully - invading Europe en-masse in piteous human waves.

News coverage of the event are intentionally downplaying the cataclysmic prospect of Europe and eventually the United States being subsumed by unarmed Muslim hordes whose jihad consists of crossing territorial boundaries intent upon colonizing their newly squatted-on homelands.

What makes this such a frightening development is due to a confluence of events which has been slowly taking place across Western Civilization for more than a hundred years.

The dimensions of the crisis and the opportunity it presents is easily grasped by the informed Islamist mind.

Such a perceptive individual would see a culture in total disarray:

Christianity dead, Judaism dying, houses of worship empty and a Marxist bred nihilism on the march.

The inability of native Europeans to reproduce in sufficient numbers as to maintain their populations while Muslim immigrants are busy producing huge families, many of which immediately go on public assistance, with an eye towards electoral majorities.

Non-assimilation’s usefulness as a weapon in a demographic assault.

The unwillingness of Europe’s leaders to stop the process fearing the [recently very powerful] epithet of being called racists, bigots…Islamophobic.

The powerful jihadist infrastructure which the West has foolishly allowed to take root in the form of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations.

All of these conditions and dozens of others are sapping the will of the West to resist the process. Unsurprisingly given the lack of resolve on display, the hordes show no signs of abating while governments refuse to acknowledge the process calling it merely a “human crisis” requiring the accommodation of these newly landed “immigrants.”

Watching this play out produces a sense of helplessness as the appointed guardians of the West refuse to fight to defend the only culture the world has produced which has benefitted mankind so greatly.

Perhaps the “ultra-right wing” parties and individuals, whom the media excoriates, will also take to the streets making their own presence known in ways which will threaten the governments more than the fear of being called bigots.

Barring that, Europe is witness to its own inexorable, slo-mo suicide while the rest of the West parties on, apparently oblivious to the threat which Tony Blankley so presciently hypothesized 10 years ago.

Somewhere, Charles Martel is weeping softly…

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