Obama’s Pretend War Against ISIS [DAESH] Continues: Training Bases Mysteriously Spared

September 1, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – A disturbing report appearing in the Washington Free Beacon highlights the administration’s failure to meaningfully challenge ISIS. The campaign, such as it is, consists primarily of extremely limited air strikes made under rules of engagement which virtually guarantees defeat.

As has been noted by many observers, large concentrations of ISIS mujahideen, convoys especially have been spared from the full force of U.S. air power. Often times these targets aren’t engaged at all and now it appears that ISIS’ training infrastructure has similarly been spared.

Video courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute, which also supplied the English subtitles.

But the Beacon’s revelations are doubly troubling, given the article’s author is Bill Gertz, the acknowledged dean of DC military reporters and one not generally noted for hyperbole:

“The Pentagon has not conducted airstrikes against an estimated 60 Islamic State (IS) training camps that are supplying thousands of fighters each month to the terror group, according to defense and intelligence officials. The camps are spread throughout Islamic State-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria and are off limits in the U.S.-led international bombing campaign because of concerns about collateral damage, said officials familiar with planning and execution of the yearlong bombing campaign.”

While estimates vary, there are probably at least 30,000 ISIS fighters, meaning that the training camps which Team Obama has left unscathed are capable of increasing current force strength by 50% in a single year assuming the president’s “hands off” policy remains in place.

This should be a sobering fact for anyone concerned about the long-term existential threat ISIS poses to Western society. It means that because of the DOD’s super surgical application of force, ISIS will continue to expand within Iraq and Syria as well as have the capacity to further metastasize into other regions.

During its first year of existence ISIS has managed to expand its base of operation from Syria and Iraq, to now include Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt’s Sinai, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Algeria. [for further reference please see, Alessandria Masi, Islamic State Timeline Shows How ISIS Expanded In One Year From Two Countries To Ten , International Business Times]

As one can see be looking at DOD’s tactical strike assessment reports , the conditions under which an attack will be permitted are so constrained and limited that single artillery positions are being hit while genuinely important targets are ignored.

The long-term effect of such a policy will be disastrous.

Barring a sea-change in WH thinking, ISIS will continue to explode across the Middle East landscape virtually unchecked, while at the same time U.S. pilots are risking their lives on idiotic missions.

Regardless of all precautions being taken [and we are by no means assured that there are sufficient resources in place to deal with shoot-downs] it’s inevitable that eventually U.S. flyers will be taken prisoner by ISIS and left to their tender mercies.

This president is genetically incapable of handling such a crisis.

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