U.S. Media Playing Along With Putin’s Bait And Switch Syrian Bombing Campaign

October 3, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – With Russia’s major incursion into Syria now well into its second week, one would be hard pressed to determine the exact nature of this expeditionary venture, its goals, targets and overall effectiveness by relying on the legacy media.

CNN is typical, accepting at face value Vlad Putin’s so-far bogus claim that his SU-34 bombers are being used to target ISIS positions.

At the same time the reportage [such as it is] is being massaged to be in accord with what has now become a standard template in covering warfare, stressing alleged civilian casualties…collateral damage, rather than diving deep into what data we do have to present a reasonable, if necessarily spotty at this juncture, picture of the situation on the ground.

For example:

“At least 11 people were killed in an alleged double strike by Russia in Syria's Idlib province, according to opposition groups. Members of Syria's Civil Defense, a volunteer group operating in rebel-controlled areas, rushed to save people after the aerial attack on the village of Ehsim when a second strike hit the area. A rescue worker and nine members of one family were among the dead, according to the rebel-run Revolutionary Forces of Syria.” [source, Faith Karimi, Russia Bombs Syrian Targets For The 4th Day As International Concerns Grow , CNN]

What this manner of journo tells an awake reader [how many of those are in CNN’s meager audience is debatable] is that the network is likely never to reports what is actually going on because it relies upon the disinformation being provided by those who are actually being targeted in the Russian air bombardment, Sunni jihadists bent on toppling the Iranian supported regime of Bashar al-Assad - a less-than-rabid Alawite Shia whose behavior is angelic compared to that of his foes.

We believe that the reports alleging Russians attacks on ISIS positions are intentionally false for two major reasons:

1. Because there are much more reliable sources providing factual contradictory information, some of it in video format that would be difficult to fake.

2. Perhaps most importantly, CNN and its alphabet soup cohorts, which now unfortunately includes the Fox nincompoops, led by the estimable Charles Krauthammer, [who is operating at several levels above his pay grade], are “adjusting” their message to keep it in line with Team Obama’s party line, which of course has been massively embarrassed by the Russian surge and wishes to put events in their best light, that being Putin is doing what Obama claims [with little substance] to already be doing in his pretend war, degrading the ISIS butchers.

As the Institute for the Study of War reports with much more convincing data:

“The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed on October 3 that Russian Su-34s conducted airstrikes targeting an ISIS-held “command center” near Raqqah city, northern Syria. However, local Syrian reporting did not substantiate this claim. In fact, Syrian activists released comparisons of the airstrike footage, revealing that the strike targeted the rebel-held town of Al Latamneh in Hama Province, western Syria. Syrian state-run news agency SANA also released footage of the same airstrike; however, SANA claimed the airstrike targeted the town of Jisr al-Shughour. As the Russian Ministry of Defense continues to claim airstrikes against ISIS, particularly in core ISIS-held terrain, it will remain important to distinguish the true targets and intentions of Russian military action in Syria amidst Russian disinformation. [source, Genevieve Casagrande, Russian Disinformation On Air Strikes In Syria , ISW]

Though destroying ISIS may indeed be one of Russia’s eventual aims as it makes its unopposed re-entry as a major player in the ME, it must be stressed that the country’s primary strategic goal is to preserve unchallenged access to its long-time naval base at the Syrian port city of Tartus, on the Mediterranean. Towards that end Russia’s immediate concern is to stop the so-called “rebels” some of whom this administration – and an unsurprisingly large number of talking heads – continues to claim are part of the mythical “Free Syrian Army [FSA],” which if it ever actually existed – doubtful – is now indistinguishable from the Sunni jihadists bent on toppling Assad.

It was this FSA which was the beneficiary of Obama’s CIA/State Department led gunrunning operation which was headquartered at the now burned out hull of our consulate in Benghazi as well as that of the CIA “annex” located a mile away.

The take-away [and we will delve far deeper into Russia’s Syrian operation as reliable information becomes available] is that the media’s coverage of this truly historic event is intended to accomplish two things. One of these is to protect what precious little remains of President Zero’s credibility. The second being the clear effort to advance the “boo-hoo” media narrative stressing the “human tragedy” angle as if this very real crisis was merely an extra-meaty automobile accident, the bloody lead story on the 11 O’clock news.

This conflict is far too important for the future of the West for the media to be irresponsibly pushing what is provably, a Looney-Tunes false narrative while largely ignoring the all important geopolitical/military consequence of Putin’s not so little Western gambit.

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