The “J” Word None Dare Mention

October 1, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – – It’s no longer breaking news that Vlad Putin’s Russia has entered into a full military alliance with Iran and that over that last few days Moscow has been directing a heavy campaign of bombing Sunni Islamist targets [what is ridiculously referred to as the Free Syrian Army] from newly constructed bases actually on the soil of the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Within this the new reality, we thought it might prove of interest to explore the meaning and implications of jihad from a Jewish perspective. We do this because Israel is now more than ever serving the function of the canary in the coal mine having been undercut and sold out by the Obama Administration and his willing Western allies. One might note that the most prominent of our European “friends” only 70 years ago – a mere blink-of-the-eye as these things go - plunged the entire world into the largest, most horrific war in history.

To that end we refer to a really excellent essay regarding the topic, written by Dr. Mordechai Kedar [see, It’s Jihad Stupid, and published by Arutz Sheva, the Israeli news website, today.

“It is sad to see the lack of real understanding on the part of Israelis and the rest of the world as to what actually is happening out there, because there is only one word that describes…reality…the word, and it is the only applicable word, is "Jihad." This, to many Israelis, is the word "that must not be said" because it tells us is that what we in Israel are experiencing at the present time is an Islamic religious war.”

Dr. Mordechai’s observations regarding the reticence of Israelis to utter the “j” word applies to the West in general which has steadfastly refused to characterize the ongoing conflict between the Ummah and the Western world as being wholly religious in nature.

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the powdered wig set - the ruling elite especially the denizens of DC, London, Paris, Bonn and now unfortunately, the Vatican - refuses to acknowledge that we are in the midst of a type of warfare which predates the First Crusade in 1096.

Mordechai stresses that the recent effort to reconstitute a genuine Islamic caliphate has some very modern trappings.

The author breaks the overall effort down into constituent components, “legal jihad,” the effort to overturn the West using the secular court systems of the world, and to this he adds “communication jihad,” which can be seen every day among the legacy media as well as in the screeds of unapologetic Muslim supremacists as the conflict is sanitized and remanufactured as being the result of Zionism, imperialism, bigotry, etc.

Within the arena which we call the “stealth jihad” [as opposed to the violent form or “kinetic jihad”] are an amazing set of tools which can be brought to bear to secure the goals of the Islamists.

“Rock, boulder, firebomb, knife and gun, along with the camera, courts, boycott and migration – are all weapons in the hands of Jihad fighters…”

That this pulls-no-punches article was published by Arutz Sheva is not hard to understand.

With many, if not most of the Israeli news media slanting hard left, amazingly often appearing to side with Israel’s enemies, Arutz Sheva remains the center-right new source of choice if one expects to understand what is really going on in this unstable part of the world and Dr. Mordechai’s essay should be required reading by all citizens of the Jewish state.

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