The Left's Promotion of the Jihadist Deconstructive Narrative

November 28, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – – Studying the machinations of the country's Marxist "A" team operatives, for example, Soros' Open Society Foundation, Media Matters, MoveOn and their journo shock troops in the legacy media, makes it apparent that they're very adept at incorporating or adapting Muslim Brotherhood talking points in their deconstructive broadsides.

That the left and the Islamists employ the same weapon doesn't imply that they share common goals, beyond eroding the society to the point that their starkly differing utopian hegemonies can be forcibly established.

Since the September 11 attacks it's been an article of faith among these allies of opportunity that the United States brought the calamity upon itself - a justifiable response to its violent colonialism, generalized oppression of the Third World, a slave-holding white patriarchy, support for Israel...the number of items on the charging documents is nearly endless.

One of the responses to the worst mass casualty event in U.S. history was that citizens intuitively linked true cause with effect, seeing a relationship between normative Islam and violence. Thus was developed what might be called a naturally reasoned wariness among the populace which the jihadist/leftist alliance have skillfully managed to brand as bigoted and Islamophobic, an example of successful lexicon based civilization jihad/warfare.

The mechanism itself is intriguing, illustrating how easily Western liberalism can serve as a double edged blade, just as easily turned against itself as it can be used to protect individual liberty or to ward off foes. As is the case with powerful machines, consequential ideas have implications which reach far beyond the moment.

This segues into a recent example of political manipulation, authored by MoveOn as it pitches the idea that the importation of tens [or perhaps ultimately hundreds] of thousands of young Muslim males into the United States is a sacramental act.

Act I:

"The Paris terror attacks sparked a terrible and counterproductive backlash here in America - one that's threatening the essential values proclaimed on the Statue of Liberty." [source, MoveOn alert]

This is the core logic - a key element of cultural Marxism - within which victimizer is transformed into the victim. For all we know from the MoveOn alert, the carnage could have been committed by tea-crazed Buddhist monks rather than by ISIS hit squads run out of Belgium. How the inspiring words emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty - " Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" - can be reconciled against the murder of 130 French citizens is difficult to comprehend.

Note that this linguistic manipulation is intended to generate symbols geared towards creating a "mind-crime," a potent weapon especially in times where moral relativism is the governing ethos. Then, the Berkeley Bund rather than applying it generally against the West, instead targets GOP front runner Donald Trump. The intended effect is to characterize him as a neo-Nazi.

False allegations are piled one upon another; note that though the charges are footnoted [examples not provided here for sake of brevity] as if to suggest some level of substantiation/scholarship, they always link back to thoroughly disreputable sources, almost always MoveOn itself or MediaMatters:

"Republican presidential candidates are proposing to close mosques and impose religious tests on refugees. Local officials are publicly discussing internment camps."

Act II:

The unthinkable is posed out, invoking the Almighty, which is unique in this writers long experience with the organization:

" what happens if—God forbid—there's another attack on U.S. soil?"

Yes that would be a problem for sure. It's difficult to believe that anyone outside overly obsessive adherents of the ideology would be able to rigorously reason through the process and arrive at the bizarre duality of the victim simultaneously functioning as the righteous angel of death.

Nonetheless this does identify in simplified form, the reason behind the phenomenon which left calls Islamophobia, Americans getting a bit peeved at constantly being hammered by the religion of peace.

"We seem to have forgotten the bitter lessons learned after 9/11. In fact, many Muslims and Arab-Americans say the climate in America today is worse than right after 9/11"

Act III:

Who got de violence?

"Or do we fight terror with decency, with civility, by opening our hearts and homes...Fighting the culture of hate and celebrating the culture of compassion. We're calling out the rhetoric of Donald Trump and the violence of his followers"

This is weasel word compassion used by a group whose hysterical rhetoric is legendary, invoking noble ideas upon which it has historically urinated. At the same time the author conflates the imagined words of a citizen politician - who doesn't seem to be guilty of so much as a traffic ticket - with genuine violence. In a screed riddled with what MoveOn would normally call hate speech, to see the words "decency" and "civility" is stupefying.

Bottom line. No one but a Thorazine IV drip candidate could actually believe such fallacious arguments, not even the most rabid MoveOn-ers. This mumbo jumbo is offered merely to give the appearance of reasonableness.

In fact the organization is absolutely petrified at the prospect of having all of its sacred cows slaughtered en-masse by someone as outside the political mainstream as a Trump. In their minds, such a person would be capable of anything...anything...perhaps even bringing back the HUAC which would cause legitimately serious concern.

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