Post 11/13 Attack Le Pen Offers Prescription – Close Radical Mosques, Deport Islamists

November 14, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – – In the wake of the horrific 11/13 Muslim terror attacks which took place at six locations in and around Paris last night, Marie Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front party, offered sanity in the midst of multiculturalist idiocy.

"Urgent action is needed," Le Pen told reporters the day after 127 people were killed in assaults on cafes, a concert hall and a soccer stadium. "Islamist fundamentalism must be annihilated, France must ban Islamist organizations, close radical mosques and expel foreigners who preach hatred in our country as well as illegal migrants who have nothing to do here.” [source, France must 'annihilate' Islamist radicals, far-right leader Le Pen say , Reuters]

If the West is to survive, actions such as those suggested by Ms. Le Penn should be part of a comprehensive counter-attack against the jihad.

We will expand upon these ideas later today, for the time being, there should be no question that the suggestions offered by the leader of the France’s National Front are a reasonable starting place.

Tolerance of intolerance is suicide.

Continuance of the mad rush by the West to accept “refugees” from hostile cultures is suicide.

Coexisting in the presence of radical mosques and Muslim Brotherhood front groups on U.S. soil is suicide.

Closing GITMO is suicide

Refusal to secure the borders is suicide.

Compromise with the Islamists is suicide.

How many more innocent bodies will it take to shock the West into action?

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