And so it Begins: Multiple Coordinated Jihadist Attacks in France, Borders Closed

20:10 PST Update: November 13, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – – The French Army and Gendarmerie have a massive presence this evening in Paris as multiple [at current count at least 6] attacks have convulsed the City of Lights.

The most serious of the incidents played out at a popular music venue, the Bataclan theater. A concert featuring the Eagles of Death Metal was in progress, when AK wielding jihadists dressed in black stormed the hall. An eyewitness report says the attackers said nothing as they moved through the now prostrate crowd executing people in a very deliberate manner, reloading several times in the process. Amidst the understandable confusion at least 100 are thought to have been killed and the NY Times reported that 100 had been taken hostage.

After a counter-attack by French security forces, the immediate crisis at the Betaclan is now over, two jihadists are believed to have been killed.

With President Hollande in attendance, multiple explosions also took place at Paris’ Stade de France stadium as the French team was playing Germany. Hollande was quickly evacuated as he declared a national state of emergency and closed the borders.

In yet another attack, a bar or restaurant in Northern Paris has been struck, details at this point are sketchy but Sky News is reporting fatalities and ambulances on the scene.

As of this writing at least 129 have been killed.

In an interview earlier today the Commander in Chief of the United States, President Barack Hussein Obama declared that ISIS had been contained

We will continue to update this report as events play out.


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