40,000 Attend Polish Anti-Islamization March

November 13, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Breaking through the chimera created by George Soros and his minions as they seek to destroy the foundations of Western Civilization, 40,000 Poles took to the streets in Warsaw on Wednesday [Polish Independence Day] to protest the influx of jihadist age Muslim males into the country.

The largely Catholic nation is concerned that the so-called “refugee crisis” is threatening the traditional culture of Poland.

Though the nativist sentiment is much maligned by the legacy media and the Continent’s EU-centric leaders, it’s having a powerful effect on nearly all national elections across the region. This despite the skewed coverage which portrays concerned citizens as racists, knuckle-dragging troglodytes and Nazis - as was oddly reported on Breitbart – apparently on the strength of one goose-stepping geek caught on camera.

“The triumph of the conservative, anti-immigration Law and Justice party (PiS) in Poland's elections at the weekend demonstrates how the refugee crisis could play into the hands of anti-European Union parties. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the head of euroskeptic Law and Justice…played on the electorate's fears during the campaign by claiming that refugees were bringing diseases like cholera and dysentery to Europe.” [source, Catherine Boyle, Poland Election: Migrant Crisis Affecting EU Politics, CNBC]

The effect of Poland’s PiS win is hard to overestimate, it’s a body-slamming of the EU’s multicultural lunacy as the PiS didn’t just win, it crushed the ruling party, Civic Platform, by 15 points.

Though the attempted narrative management by Western cultural elites is most obvious right now 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, very much the same phenomenon is happening in the United States. Nevertheless, anyone watching the dynamic rolling through Fox News, as typified by the increasingly annoying [Trumpophobic] Megyn “Butch” Kelly  would consider it unremarkable, the network’s headline piece regarding the Polish march - Polish extreme nationalists hold large anti-migrant march on Independence Day – is clearly indicative of the left-wing/Islamist friendly direction which the formerly iconic news source has taken as it falls into lock-step with the rest of the sheepish Western media.

Despite considerable efforts by the press to distort what is simply the desire of Europeans [and very soon their American cousins] to retain their native culture, the anti-Islamist/pro traditional culture movement is growing faster than even its most hysterical critics can possibly imagine as their nightmare becomes reality.


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