Germany Being Forced to Deport Elements of Stealth Jihadist Army

November 12, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - – Amidst growing outrage by native Germans, the Merkel government is being forced against its will to start the deportation process, sending numbers of the so-called Muslim “refugees” back to the country of their initial entry into the EU.

“Germany is to start deporting Syrian refugees after reinstating EU rules under which they must claim asylum in the first member state they enter. But there was fresh discord in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government after it emerged Thomas de Maiziere, the interior minister, had ordered the measure without consulting colleagues. It is the second time Mr. de Maiziere has been accused of acting unilaterally in less than a week.” [source, Justin Hunter, Discord in German government as Syrian refugees to be deported to other EU countries, UK Telegraph]

Open warfare has broken out between the German Interior Minister and the Chancellor, who heretofore had been reversing the actions of de Maiziere, until the public outcry forced her to become an unwilling ally in the deportation process.

The lock-step Marxist Western press in not happy after having controlled the dialogue on the matter for so long, making it difficult to find coverage of current developments related to these issues. What journo does exist relating to the ME “immigrants” is decidedly slanted, of course, siding with the relentless Islamic army.

Oddly, YouTube seems to be the best source for the most current information regarding what can only be called a popular uprising by Europeans against their leftist, multi-culti leaders. It is only through this portal that one can view the dozens of marches and protests which have sprung up all over the Continent.

Knowing how the ‘Net works and mindful of what company owns YouTube we realize that the display of unfiltered news cannot be expected to continue forever. Even now the only way to view what is happening with any sense of the currency of the developments is to use the YouTube “filters” which allow one to order search output by date and time. We hasten to add that though this is not a hidden utility, most users are likely unaware of its existence so if they do a simple search for “Pegida” [Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West] for example will produce a jumble of results, some possibly a year old. The lack of a default chronological output substantially lessens the perception of how quickly this movement is growing as there have been literally hundreds of marches and protests over the last few months.

The takeaway, as it always is in such matters, is unless one is aware of developments which run afoul of the official ideologically approved mindset, that phenomenon such as the anti-Islamization movement in Europe will travel well below the radar of even curious and literate readers of news content.

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