Merced Jihad Update: Did Feds Predict Faisal Mohammad’s Attack, Was ISIS Involved?


November 11, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – – Investigative journalist Matthew Gonzales is reporting [via the Merced County [CA] News Television website] that there appears to be much more to the recent stabbing incident at UC Merced perpetrated by Faisal Mohammad, which injured 4 in an unprovoked attack and led to his shooting death, than was immediately apparent.

“From the information I have gathered, the suspect was…on the FBI’s terrorist watch list [and] also on a national watch list and had been one of the topics of discussion at a recent FBI briefing to Merced County law enforcement…about 6 months ago the FBI held a terrorist/extremist briefing with Merced County law enforcement leaders…several suspected terrorist with ISIS links were said to be here in Merced County. Names and photos were presented including one of Faisal Mohammad. Based on the FBI’s own analysis and a number of people on the terrorist watch list that are in the area they projected an attack at the UC Merced campus…” [source, Matthew Gonzales, Were Law Enforcement Leaders and US Chancellor Aware of Threat by Terrorists/Extremists to Attack UC Merced? , Merced County News Television]

At the time of the incident this news source reported:

“Though it took a full 24 hours for the details to finally slither out, we now know that on Wednesday morning, 18 year old U.C. Merced freshman Faisal Mohammad stabbed 4 people in an unprovoked attack.

The injured – two students, a contractor working on campus and an employee of the university – are expected to fully recover.

Mohammad who used an “8 – 10 inch” hunting style knife in the attack, was shot and killed by local law enforcement, thus proving that the only way to stop a bad guy with a knife is a good guy with a gun.

“One stabbing victim…Byron Price, is being called a hero after he ran to the classroom where the initial stabbing happened when he heard commotion. Price was able to distract Mohommad, allowing other students and staff to get away. ‘He had a smile on his face," Price said. "He was having fun, which is more what bothers me…’” [source, Sara Heise, Officials: Stabbing Suspect Was Freshman At UC Merced , KCRA Merced]

Though the media is taking the normal multi-culti dodge claiming ignorance regarding the reason behind Mohammad’s multiple acts of attempted murder – “A motive for the stabbings has not yet been released” – it seems pretty clear that there just might be some connection between Mohammad’s rampage and what is happening in Israel as identical jihadist attacks by young Arabs are taking place along the country’s major ethnic fault lines.”

This writer has initiated further contact with knowledgeable sources on this matter and will report further as information becomes available and conditions dictate.

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