How to Avoid Israeli “Brutality” - A Practical Guide

November 9, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - – There has been much said in the media about the surging level of violence in Israel between Arabs and Jews.

Most of this journo follows an unfortunately familiar meme, charging Israeli law enforcement with brutalizing the nation’s, always irritated minority, the so-called Palestinians. According to this narrative, even when self-defense is justified, for instance when an Arab drives a vehicle into a crowded bus stop, the press cautions against the use of what it calls a “non-proportional” response, a vague concept at best.

For some observers however the level of restraint exercised by Israel against Islamic jihadists is remarkable. There are no reprisals, no leveling of hate-factories masquerading as communities, not even an “eye for an eye,” type justice, unless someone can point to an occasion where for example, the IDF retaliated against a vehicle attack by driving a 65 ton Merkava tank into a gathering of Arabs.

In pursuit of what the Western elites like to refer as “common ground” the following video was prepared as a guide for Arabs interested in avoiding any further “brutality.”

We hope this will help foster an environment in which political violence will no longer be used as a strategic weapon against Israel’s Jewish population.

As the late President Lyndon Johnson used to grandly intone, “come, let us reason together.”

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