“Like a Poison” - Comic Book Coverage of Anti-Muslim Invasion Movement

November 8, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Europe’s middle class is in an incendiary, pre-revolutionary mood as it watches its political class embracing the Islamic death cult as hundreds of thousands of young military age jihadists descend on the Continent like the Biblical plague of locusts, veritably trashing everything in their wake.

Germany, the economic hub of the now tattered EU, is ground zero in this epic battle and the media have clearly taken the side of those in the hijra.

Typical is the Guardian UK, certainly a leftist/Marxist journal, but in its effort to denigrate the rapidly growing so-called “anti-immigrant” movement, the newspaper is going to such lengths that its coverage is becoming hysterically comical in one sense, sinister in another.

In setting up a recent piece, the author grabs a pull-quote from a party it obviously portrays as the voice of cultural enlightenment, someone off to the opera:

“My daughter wanted us to babysit our grandchildren so she could go to that [Pegida rally] I said: ‘You must be joking, my darling. I’m going to the opera, not to that nonsense.’”

Ever the multicultural juggernaut, even between scenes those who run the opera house assail the audience with the politically approved ideological line in the form of a banner, “Open your eyes…open your hearts…The dignity of humans is sacrosanct…We’re not a backdrop for intolerance.”

No, of course no intolerance in the land that loosed Hitler and the Holocaust upon the world not that long ago…

But the Guardian continues to pile one steaming mass upon another, quoting a journo – who just happened to be present - to characterize the movement which is galvanizing Europe as representing, “the embittered centre, who lost their sense of…belonging, when communism collapsed and have never found it again. Many, he says, work in the service industry, often in call centres or logistics firms, on low wages…”

The Euro version of "bitter clingers."

No longer able to contain its editorial rage then comes the supposed coup de grace, “Pegida has crept into every family, every workplace…you name it, like a poison.” [source, 'Like a poison': how anti-immigrant Pegida is dividing Dresden , the Guardian]

Like a poison…

Indeed, a poison has been loosed upon the West.

The secular religion of morally relativistic progressivism/cultural Marxism has created a zombie like culture. Inhabiting this alternative reality are blissfully ignorant, emotionally fragile and manifestly intolerant little cake-eaters who actually believe that salvation comes upon the mere expression of concern for “the downtrodden” and rage against the capitalists whose greed and rapaciousness created these conditions in the first place.

Of course, all the while these nasty drones are vocalizing, in the most loathsome manner imaginable, contempt for those who fall outside their make-believe universe, the - “haters” – they’re texting each other on their IPhones, driving accordion-like green vehicles and contemplating the ramifications of their white privilege. That these people are parasites, feeding upon the wealth created by the system they claim to detest, is entirely lost on them.

Oblivious to the cultural incongruity of their sacralized belief systems, they will be unable to link cause and effect when - after their darling Muslim refugees have assumed critical mass - these self-fighteous fools become familiar with the word clitoridectomy.

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